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elcome to the Warcraft Library. We've compiled all the information from the Warcraft Universe in the form of books, journals, war notes and novels (novel extracts). Most of the info is extracted from Blizzard Entertainment material, such as, manuals, games, web sites, etc. The books you'll find here have stories related by some of the charismatic characters from the World of Warcraft, like Sir Lothar, Aegwyn (Matriarch of Tirisfall) or the Orc Chieftain Gul'dan, to name a few.

This library is not complete, because the Warcraft universe is constantly growing. We will be releasing new books, journals, war notes and novels frequently, so the information here will be constantly growing as well. We hope to cover most of the aspects from the World of Warcraft with official information, so most of the books that you can see here contain official information as written by Blizzard.

To make this library more interactive and fun for users, we plan to add a Library Tool where registered users will be able to write their own books and journals. They also will appear in the form of books. So start writing!

Also please download the Lucida Calligraphy font to best view the library.

We hope you enjoy this section as much as we did developing it, and learn even more about Warcraft Lore.

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June 5, 2006