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The Scourge Invasion!

 posted by: TucksMa on Friday, June 2 @ 12:49 am

Info on the next patch from Blizzard:

With our next major content patch, Shadow of the Necropolis, players will have access to the new high-level raid dungeon Naxxramas, the seat of Kel'Thuzad, one of the most feared enemies the world of Warcraft has ever known. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are converging inside the necropolis as the Lich King's servants prepare their assault. Soon, the Scourge will march again...

Learn more about the Scourge Invasion, the new world event coming with the next patch.

Check it out!

Paladin Wallpaper

 posted by: TucksMa on Wednesday, May 31 @ 6:09 pm

Blizzard has added yet another wallpaper to their gallery and so we have too! You can check out their latest creation "Paladin" here:

Be sure to check out all the wallpapers while you're there!

Gamespot Interviews Blizzard about Movie

 posted by: TucksMa on Wednesday, May 31 @ 6:05 pm

GameSpot has conducted an interview with Blizzard, discussing the plan to bring a live-action feature film based on the Warcraft universe to the big screen. Check out the interview at GameSpot's website.

Burning Crusade Pages Updated

 posted by: TucksMa on Thursday, May 25 @ 3:42 pm

We've updated our pages on the Burning Crusade as well as our galleries. Lots of new info, be sure and take a look all around the pages.


Check them out today!

E3 2006 Gamers Choice Poll

 posted by: Draknorr on Tuesday, May 23 @ 12:42 am

Our E3 Coverage has come to a close, but we have one last award to give away - our Gamers Choice award.

This award is chosen by you - what game had the best E3 showing? You can vote here and have a say in our final award!

New PvP Movie!

 posted by: TucksMa on Friday, May 19 @ 1:23 pm

We have a new movie for you to check out, especially if you're one of those that sees no use for a Palladin in PvP. A note from the creator:

I am very proud to present the release of *Combat Healer: Episode 1 *!

This is my first WoW PVP movie and I've had a blast making it! The night I filmed most of the footage was amazing, great fights...clearly the best PVP I've had in a while outside of Battlegrounds. Thanks alot to every group that participated and to everyone that helped me morally or directly to the making of this 15 minute clip! All in all it's been a great fun experience in movie making, editing and effects.

Goal of the movie is also to show some of the aspect of group PVP where a paladin really excels at.Misconceptions have been plaguing our class for a long time now and I think that this movie can show elements where we really shine.

Stay tuned for Combat Healer: Episode II, The Assembly of Baulthus !

"FRAPS Footage from Ret's last 5v5 night III from the Viewpoint of a Paladin. Follow Bault, humble concubine of Kat, during key fights of the 5v5 matches. View the work of a healadin engaged in group PVP combat."

Stop by and flame us @ www.retributionguild.net!


Bault , The Left Hand of Baulthus.

You can find the move Combat Healer under "Other WoW Movies" on our Movies Page. It's a big one at over 300mb so start your downloads early!

WoW Movies Available!

 posted by: TucksMa on Wednesday, May 17 @ 3:41 pm

We've just updated our Movies Page with the latest official Blizzard videos including the new Naxxramas video, the E3 Burning Crusade Preview movie, and a brand new one about The Darkmoone Faire!

Head over there now to grab them and Enjoy!

Community Spotlight

 posted by: Moriar on Tuesday, May 16 @ 7:10 pm

This community spotlight "spotlights" the site machinima.com. Machinima is a fan created movie community.

Here's what Blizzard had to say:
Our friends at Machinima.com continue their outstanding support of the fan-made World of Warcraft movie community. Due to popular demand they have recently implemented an alert system which, when signed up for, will send you an e-mail any time a new movie is added to their World of Warcraft section. Sign up to be alerted about new World of Warcraft machinima by clicking here, or check out their entire collection by clicking here.

Be sure to check them out!

New Wallpaper

 posted by: Moriar on Tuesday, May 16 @ 7:08 pm

The official WoW site has released a new wallpaper featuring Tanaris. Click here to get the wallpaper!

Will the REAL Eredar please stand up?

 posted by: TucksMa on Monday, May 15 @ 1:57 pm

The recent revelations of Eredar as the ancestors of the new Alliance race of "Draenei" has left a lot of lore enthusiasts flabergasted to say the least. Site Member RivanLord sent us an editorial outlining where the lorists at Blizzard went wrong and why.

Here's a sample:
So, we are to believe that these "simple Draenei" who "built crude cities within the world's towering cliffs and peaks" and were almost completely eradicated by "the orcs' awesome wrath" were the same Draenei who were "extremely intelligent and had a natural affinity for magic in all its myriad forms"?!

Read the editorial Will the REAL Eredar please stand up? now.

Let us also note that Blizzard lorist Chris Metzen has posted this Official Response to the overall controversy.

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