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Listing 10 latest added guilds from a total of 213:

Guild NameServerFactionRoleplayingRecruiting
We are a fun, co-operative, active guild. We do lots of Instances, and PvP. We always try to help out our lower level members s...
Kalecgos  PvPAllianceNoYes
A new guild. with few members. We are on the English Bloodfeather server and would like people to join and help us grow....
Burning Hatred
We are a Horde guild located on the Earthen Ring server. We are a growing guild with excellent management and maturity. We enjo...
Earthen Ring  RPAllianceNoYes
Lvl 29 Pvp/Bg Guild...
Nathrezim  PvPAllianceNoYes
Dark Shadows
We are a new guild which was recently established. Dark Shadows is a guild which is always willing to help each other out. Ou...
Garithos  PvPAllianceYesYes
Knights Of Wayward
Where PvE ends and RP starts. Join a guild trying to re-vitalize the Role playing spirit on ShadowCouncil. ...
Shadow Council  RPAllianceYesYes
Darkness Reborn
Looking for people who want to commit to a guild to do Molten Core and stuff like that many of our members are experienced in M...
Kargath  PvEAllianceNoYes
Fallen Arms
Level 30-60 Guild. We do BG, instances and some raiding. ...
Durotan  PvEAllianceNoYes
Activities include high end raids along with questing. ...
Khaz'goroth  PvEAllianceNoYes

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June 5, 2006