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As I got home from a hard day of school, I took a shower, had something to eat (steak and corn, really good, though the steak was a little undercooked, but anyway) and then got ready to hit up WoW. I was already planning to run to the PvP Battlemaster and get my PvP game-face on, but I noticed something was different. Pumpkins! Orgrimmar was full of 'em!

Halloween was here! Oh wait, it's called "Hallow's End". No matter. I took another few looks around. I see Rachelle Gothena, a Hallow's End Treats NPC. Hmm.

Upon right clicking her, I see a dialogue box pop up. One of the choices was "What can I do at Hallow's End?" so of course I click it. She replied back:

With most dialogues being boring and uninteresting, I skip a lot of what NPC's say. However, not this time. I read through it fully. Apparently every innkeeper was giving out Hallow's End treats. Sounded pretty cool. There was also something called the Wickerman Festival outside the Undercity "in the evenings". Finally, there are orphans in Orgrmimar looking to gather treats. I knew immediately the orphan quest was also for a lot of reputation, but I wanted to fully experience Hallow's End, so I decreed to do all that the event would offer.

I rushed to a crowded Orgrimmar innkeeper.

I see among the usual menu items of her dialogue box a new one: "Trick or Treat!" I wasn't fast enough to screenshot it, but a little candy icon popped over my head, and I got a little debuff called that had a description called "You have recently been tricked or treated." This was a measure put in so people couldn't amass the little rewards Trick-or-Treating brought.

I check my inventory and surely enough I find a Hallow's End Trick-or-Treat bag. I right-click and open it, and receive a lollipop (which had some hp regeneration). I thought this was a cool idea, and went into the Valley of Honor to find the orphans and see what quest I could get.

I enter the room to see the saddest room in all of WoW. Orphan orcs! Orcish children! My goodness I didn't know they existed! I look around the room and find one of them in the corner with a quest for me.

Hallow's End Treats for Spoops!

I want to go trick-or-treating, but I can't because I'm sick. If you go for me, I'd trade you the candy you get for some I already have! I think you'd like this candy - it makes you turn into things both funny and scary!

Each of the innkeepers in the big cities have candy they give for Hallow's End - talk to them and do the tricks they ask for! Also, a troll named Kali Remik in Sen'jin Village is handing out candy as well. When you have all the candy, bring them back to me here!

Orgrimmar Nougat: 0/1
Darkspear Gumdrop: 0/1
Undercity Mint: 0/1
Thunder Bluff Marzipan: 0/1

So, basically I had to run around to the three main cities and hoof it with my mount to Sen'Jinn Village in south Durotar to collect candy for this orphan in return for some other holiday treats. I make my way to the Orgrimmar Innkeeper.

Flexing for Nougat

That's an... interesting costume you have on. Even though you're being nice and helping a sick child trick-or-treat this year, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you perform a trick for me!

Let's see... you look so strong and buff in that... costume... let's see you flex! Yes, go on now and flex for me, strong man!

When and only when you flex, I'll give you some tasty Orgrimmar Nougat. It's a great Hallow's End treat.

Hah! So I have to perform a trick to get my treat! Fair enough..

And sure enough, I get my Orgrimmar Nougat for the quest. Next stop: the Darkspear Village!

I ride along, nothing special to see on the road. I get to the NPC in the Troll village.

Incoming Gumdrop

A trick-or-treater! Yeah mon!

Well now, even though you're doing something noble and collecting candies for a sick child, I can't let you off the hook that easily. I have a yummy Darkspear Gumdrop to give to the sick child... if you make a train noise for me! Haha, yes, that'll be the trick! The price of this gumdrop is one train noise!

Chugga-chugga, Betrayer!

/train emote. Easily the most entertaining thing WoW has to offer (to me at least). I *gladly* hit /train and watch the NPC respond with glee?

NPC: "Chugga, chugga, woo-woo! Happy Hallow's End, Betrayer!"

Gumdrop and Nougat, both done with. Next trip is going to be to Thunder Bluff. I take the long and tedious flight to Thunder Bluff, find the inn and get to the Innkeeper.

I find the Cow-Lady with a quest above her, as the previous 2 NPC's had for their treat.

Dancing for Marzipan

Even though you're trick-or-treating for a sick child, you still need to perform a trick for the treat! We can't very well change the tradition, now can we...

I believe the cost of a piece of marzipan nowadays is to bust out and DANCE! That's right, let me see your moves! Dance for me, and I'll give you some tasty marzipan!

I show some of my best Troll moves to the Tauren, who responds in hilarity! Jay-Z fans, rejoice!

NPC: "I may have ninety-nine problems, but dancin' ain't one of them! Happy Hallow's End Betrayer!"

I receive my Thunder Bluff Marzipan, and head to my final destination: The Undercity! Knowing the Undead are the most Halloweenish, I was hoping for a really spooky atmosphere, with lots of great decorations. As I was eagerly stepping into the throne room, a big fat pumpkin lands on my screen!

I get down to the Undercity and find the place looks great!

Eagerly approaching the NPC, I get his quest to get my final piece of candy.

Chicken Clucking for a Mint

Ah, trick-or-treating for a sick child, are we? I was going to say, you're a little old to be rummaging about for candies...

Well, for my treat - an Undercity Mint - you will need to... cluck like a chicken! Yes, chickens love mints... well OK, maybe they don't LOVE them... but I won't give you a mint unless you chicken cluck for me!

Well Rogue, are you up to the challenge or not?! Time to earn your treat!

I get my final item and come back to the orphan.

She gives me my reward:

Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat...

30 of them. I eat one and transform. I look around Orgrimmar and see tons of transformed people. Apparently, you can get items which are wands, and sap party-members and make them look like various things. Check out the Hallow's End Image Gallery for pictures of all these transformations, or just visit Orgrimmar on your server!

Anyway, I logged off for a bit. Did some things, and then I remembered the Wickerman Festival in the evening. I check the time and see its about 7:50 server time. Could it be my luck the festival starts at 8? It was.

I forgot to mention I set my hearthstone to Undercity so I could get to the Wickerman Festival on short notice. I port there, and mount up towards the big Wickerman I see on the west side of Undercity (outdoors).

I arrived at the Festival just after 8. As I pull into the festival location I see the Wickerman Burning.

Cool! I go to the quest NPC who gives me two quests:

Stinking up Southshore (PvP) Celebrate Hallow's End in style... by bringing grief to our enemies in Southshore!

Take one of these specially crafted stink bombs. It is filled with an odiferous funk that no human - or any weak-willed beast for that matter - can stand to smell. You'll need to throw it right in the heart of Southshore for it to do its job, so be prepared for a fight against the Alliance!

When you've completed this task... this tribute to our liberation, return to me!

*Easy quest. Just get into the middle of Southshore and release the item*

Rotten Eggs (PvP)

The humans of Southshore love their ale, and as such they prize the ale served at the Southshore Inn. With the chaos of Hallow's End now upon them, we can use it ruin their latest batch of beverages for weeks - if not months to come!

Take these rotten eggs and place them in the main brew keg inside the Southshore Inn. Your presence alone will cause strife, so be prepared to defend yourself!

Once you've given Southshore a taste they'll not soon forget, return to me here at the festival!

*This one was tricky. The kegs aren't in the Southshore basement of the Inn, as you might suspect. As you enter the Inn, you see stairs to your right. Just left of the stairs there's a wall, with a pyramid of kegs there. Clicking on the top keg should complete the quest for you. Also, it's not a cast-time, you just right click and accept the quest*

So, I go down to Southshore and with my Horde brethren we wreak havoc in Hillsbrad. Stink bombs are everywhere, and I am stealthed trying my best to avoid the Alliance. I manage to sneak off one stink bomb, vanish, and then run away while the Alliance spam Blizzard, Rain of Fire, etc.. to uncover my stealth. I use Preparation (talent that kills all my cooldowns) and then release another stink bomb. I vanish again, out of sight. I release the third stink bomb, but my Vanish timer is gone, and Sprint/Evasion isn't enough to get away.

I make a long corpse run and get back. The Horde are raiding their way into the Inn. I stealth into the Inn, and while everyone goes down into the basement, I spot the keg in front of me just left of the stairwell light up, I right click it and finish my quest. I walk out of there, and hand in the quests to receive more Hallow's End Treats.

All in all, a VERY good holiday. The only thing I can suggest is make a lot more decoration. All I see are pumpkins, and stuff like cobwebs, a mini-game or more events like the Wickerman Festival contribute to the fun. Players love taking a break from leveling, grinding, PvP'ing and just having some fun wasting time. Here are some pictures of the things I turned into:

Happy Hallow's End!

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June 5, 2006