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Alliance Horde
Humans | Dwarves | Night Elves | Gnomes Orcs | Tauren | Trolls | Undead
The brutal green skinned Orcs, have grown amazingly in numbers since their defeat in the second war. Even now after their alliance with the Humans and Elves, the Orcs are considered threatening and dangerous enemies, as likely to kill you as look at you. Long considered honorless and bloodthirsty killers, few have taken the time to know and understand their history. The Orcs are a proud and noble race, with deep shamanistic roots stretching back to the time before the demons corrupted them, where they lived a savage but honorable life on the world of Draenor. The demons twisted them, tainting their minds with an insatiable bloodlust. They consumed their own planet, and through the dark magics of the dread warlock Gul'dan and the Guardian Medivh they created a portal that bridged the gap between their barren and lifeless world with the verdant paradise of Azeroth. The ensuing war is well documented, but the important thing is that eventually the Orcs threw off the corrupting shackles of their demonic overlords and played a critical part in banishing the Burning Legion from the world. Now, led by the fledgling Warchief Thrall, they seek to make a home for themselves in the fledgling nation of Durotar. Now once again threatened by the Alliance, and ever vigilant against the return of their dominators, the Orcs strive for the right to surive in a war torn world. ... click to read Part I of the Orc History ... click to read Part II of the Orc History ... click to read Part III of the Orc History
Racial Traits
Blood Fury - active
Activate to increase Strength by 25% but take 5% health loss every 3 seconds - lasts 20 sec - 2 min cooldown

Hardiness - passive
25% resistance to stun and knockout effects

Command - passive
Pet melee damage increased by 5%

Axe Specialization - passive
Orcs get +5 to Axe skill
Start Location: Valley of Trials, Durotar
Home City: Orgrimmar
Classes: Warrior, Shaman, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue
Basic Mount: Wolf

The Tauren are massive, bull-like humanoids that dwell in the open barren plains of Kalimdor. They are a noble earth bound race that worships a nature goddess they call the Earthmother. Their first contact with the races of Azeroth were the Orcs who, led by Thrall, formed a fast friendship with the noble and majestic creatures. The Tauren seeing the turmoil the Orcs carried with them are devoted to helping their allies rediscover their noble shamanistic roots. Though they have powerful allies the Tauren have dangerous enemies as well. The Centaur of the Barrens are arch enemies of the Tauren and have waged war since the origin of both their species. With the Orcs as allies in their nearby kingdom of Durotar they have little to fear from such Marauding bands. Led by Cairne Bloodhoof the Tauren are a strong and proud people, who led by their connection to the land and their noble character will prove to be fast allies of the Horde. ... click to read more

Racial Traits
War Stomp - active
Activate to stun opponents within 5 yards - lasts 2 sec - 2 min cooldown

Endurance - passive
Max Health increased by 5%

Cultivation - passive
15 skill bonus to Herbalism

Nature Resistance - passive
All Tauren get +10 Nature Resistance
Start Location: Camp Narache, Mulgore
Home City: Thunderbluff
Classes: Warrior, Druid, Hunter, Shaman
Basic Mount: Kodo

Trolls come in all colors and sizes, among these varied breeds are the enigmatic and brutal Jungle Trolls. They dwell on the numerous isles that dot the South Seas, and are greatly feared. Rumors of dark voodoo magics and unspeakable cruelty are whispered by sailors everywhere. They seethe in their hatred for all other races, suspicious of all others killing enemies on sight. One tribe though, managed to break free from the widespread racial hatred that consumed their people. The Darkspear Trolls have been exiled by their brethren from their home in Stranglethorn Vale. Hunted and killed by their own people they fled, only to face extinction at the hands of vile Murlocs. It was then that the Horde, led by Warchief Thrall, found them. Slaying the marauding Murlocs they where met by the greatful Trolls. So the exiled Jungle Trolls of Stranglethorn swore an oath of eternal loyalty to the Horde, putting aside their deep prejudices in exchange for brotherhood. Now just as the equally vicious Forest Trolls had allied themselves with the Orcs in the second war, the Jungle Trolls ally themselves with the Orcs and Tauren, serving honorably in the cause of the Warchief. They now take up residence in Durotar; their village is named after their fallen leader Sen'jin. The Shadow Hunter Vol'jin now leads the Darkspear Trolls and will help the Horde forge its fortunes in the furnace of war.

Racial Traits
Berserking - active
Activate when "Wounded" to increase melee and spellcasting speed by 25% - lasts 20 sec - 2 min cooldown

Regeneration - passive
10% health regen bonus, 10% active in combat

Beast Slaying - passive
5% damage bonus to Beasts

Throwing Weapon Specialization - passive
+5 to Throwing Weapon skill
Start Location: Valley of Trials, Durotar
Home City: Orgrimmar
Classes: Hunter, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Priest, Mage
Basic Mount: Raptor

The least understood and least trusted of the members of the Horde; the free-willed faction of Undead that calls themselves the Forsaken are the darkest of the dark. Ruled over completely by the iron will of their mistress the Banshee Queen Sylvanus, they seek to destroy all who oppose them in their quest for dominance. Deep underneath the ruins of Lordaeron's capital in the city's old catacombs they have constructed a labyrinthine Undercity; this dark fortress of evil is where they make their home. From here they manipulate their "allies" duping them into fighting both the Lich King and the Alliance. The Royal Apothecarium of the Banshee Queen toils day and night without sleep to construct a plague, a plague that will one day destroy all life on Azeroth and rid them forever of the oppressive might of the Lich King. Using the alliance of convenience they have forged with the Orcs, Trolls and Tauren they struggle towards their final goal. These evil, bitter and twisted creatures are perhaps the greatest threat to the safety of the world. For now though, they are safe. Protected by an impenetrable veil of secrecy, they will have their revenge on all life. The dead dawn approaches and the final fate of the world could soon end in darkness, with the roving eyes of the Banshee Queen looking out over a dead world and laughing. ... click to read Part I of The Forsaken's History

Racial Traits
Will of the Forsaken - active
Activate to become immune to fear, sleep, and charm effects - lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown

Cannibalize - passive
Increase health regeneration by 200% while consuming a corpse - lasts 15 sec - 3 min cooldown

Underwater Breathing - passive
Underwater breath increased by 4x

Shadow Resistance - passive
All Undead get +10 Shadow Resistance
Start Location: Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades
Home City: The Undercity
Classes: Warrior, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Priest
Basic Mount: Undead Steed

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