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Unadulterated Electro

Welcome to a section of WoW LQGaming dedicated to the writings and ramblings of Electromancer. We decided to honor him with his own section (because no one else wanted to be on the same page with him). Read along as he regales us with his exploits in and around the World of Warcraft.

Queer Eye for the Draenei10 May 06
Core Hounds04 May 06
Ganking 10108 Feb 06
(T)een or (M)ature09 Dec 05
Rumble in Southshore08 Nov 05
Girls Do It Too10 Oct 05
The Official Forums04 Oct 05
The Dumb Table23 Sep 05
Lore and Beauty19 Sep 05
A Walk through Westfall13 Sep 05
Guild Politics - Building a Guild15 Aug 05
Hunter Hero Classes08 Aug 05
How to get Kicked out of a Guild27 Jul 05
Trial and Error - Then and Now20 Jul 05
Blackwing Lair - Let the Complaints Begin17 Jul 05
Level Differences - Who Beats the Curve14 Jul 05
Dragon Kill Points - Rewarding the Lifeless01 Jul 05
Rumor Mill - The Burning Crusade23 Jun 05
Rogues -OR- Have You Been Backstabbed Today?15 Jul 05
Everybody's a Farmer06 Jun 05
Moonglade - The Not-So-Secret Druid Training Grounds26 May 05
Guild Politics - Inside an Uber Guild28 Apr 05
Old vs New - Succubus23 Apr 05
Girl Gamers17 Apr 05
Guild Politics - Not Just for Liberals Anymore11 Apr 05
The Whelpling Effect18 Feb 05
The Role of a Paladin31 Dec 04
Follow the Leader... to your Death31 Dec 04
Teh Godleh N00b20 Nov 04
My 2nd WoW Experience17 Nov 04
Why a Hunter should get a Stun17 Nov 04
My First WoW Experience17 Nov 04

All opinions occuring in these stories are the that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this site (or most of humanity). Some mildly offensive language. Stories may cause uncontrollable laughter, snickering, or chortling. Read at your own risk.

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June 5, 2006