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Alliance Horde
Humans | Dwarves | Night Elves | Gnomes Orcs | Tauren | Trolls | Undead
The Humans of Stormwind have suffered much over the past years. Their defeat at the hands of Blackhand; the first Warchief of the Horde during the First War, left their armies and people decimated. Under the direction of Sir Anduin Lothar the people of Azeroth fled far to the north across the oceans, where with the help of King Terenas of Lordaeron they fought back once again. With the help of the newly formed Alliance they crusaded against the tides of darkness that threatened to overwhelm the entire continent. The eventual success of the Second War brought prosperity and new hope to the people. Returning to Azeroth the people rebuilt Stormwind under the reign of the young King Llane and his Steward. Humans once again flourish in the southlands. After the decimation caused by the foul Undead Scourge and the Demonic Burning Legion, Lordaeron and many of the other realms of human power have fallen. The battle hardened people of Stormwind now stand as the final bastion of Human Civilization in a war torn world. ... click to read Part I of the Human History
Racial Traits
Perception - active
Activate to increase stealth detection radius by 10 yards - lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown

The Human Spirit - passive
Increase Spirit by 5%

Diplomacy - passive
10% bonus to faction point gain

Sword Specialization - passive
Humans get +5 to Sword skill

Mace Specialization - passive
Humans get +5 to Mace skill
Start Location: Northshire, Elwynn Forest
Home City: Stormwind
Classes: Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Paladin, Priest, Rogue
Basic Mount: Horse
The ever dependable Dwarves of Khaz Modan have long been allies of the Humans. Residing mainly in the massive underground city of Ironforge very little touched them until the coming of the Orcish Hordes. Never ones to turn away from a fight, the sturdy folk, with the help of the Humans and Elves turned out to be vital allies in the fight against the green skinned invaders. Though historically the Dwarves have been known to keep relatively aloof, content to delve deep into the mountains in search of riches, recent events have led to a change. Certain discoveries alluding to their ancient origins as one of the original creations of the Titans have set the Dwarves on a path to learn more about their heritage. Sallying forth out into the world the Dwarves now search high and low for signs of their origins. Prospectors have set out all over the world in search of the secrets to their history. This has led to archaeological digging sites all over the world. These posts serve as valuable bases for the weary adventurer or just as tempting targets to the many enemies of the Alliance. ... click to read more
Racial Traits
Stoneform - active
Activate to gain immunity to poison, disease, and bleed + 5% AC bonus - lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown

Gun Specialization - passive
Dwarves get +5 to Gun Skill

Frost Resistance - passive
All Dwarves get +10 Cold Resistance

Treasure Finding - passive
Activate to see treasure chests on mini map - lasts until canceled - no cooldown
Start Location: Anvil Marr, Dun Morogh
Home City: Ironforge
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rogue
Basic Mount: Ram
Night Elves
The nocturnal Night Elves of Kalimdor have lived separated from the world for hundreds of years. One of the original races of the world, they dwelt along the shores of the Well of Eternity and harnessing its might they became a powerful and formidable race. Their magic was matched only by their arrogance however and when the demons of the Burning Legion came the Night Elves faced the threat almost entirely alone. With only the aid of the Demigod Cenarious and the Dragons they fought the Demonic Legion and threw them back, stopping them just as they where about to call forth Sargeras, Lord of the Burning Legion. Unfortunately the Well of Eternity itself collapsed causing a catastrophic explosion that sundered the entire continent of Kalimdor. The face of the world changed forever, the Night Elves barely surviving retreated to Mount Hyjal and forsook the ways of sorcery forever. Led by the Druid Malfurion Stormrage the Night Elven people turned to the ways of Druidism, after many years they have left their reclusive nature behind to join the world at large. With Tyrande Whisperwind and the Archdruid Malfurion they are entering a brave new world.
Racial Traits
Shadowmeld - active
Activate while immobile and out of combat to enter stealth mode - lasts until canceled - no cooldown

Quickness - passive
Dodge chance increased by 1%

Wisp Spirit - passive
Become a wisp when dead with movement speed increase of 50% (25% faster than normal ghost)

Nature Resistance - passive
All Night Elves get +10 Nature Resistance
Start Location: Shadowglen, Teldrassil
Home City: Darnassus
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Druid, Priest, Rogue
Basic Mount: Nightsaber
Eclectic? Strange? Brilliant? They could be all these, or they could be just plain mad! The Gnomes are a subterranean race akin to dwarves. They are smaller than their stony cousins and are more attuned to the workings of the arcane. The bookish intelligence of Gnomes has helped the Alliance where soldiers would not have. Their engineering skills has led to the many ingenious war machines and technical advantages that the Alliance has used to their benefit in the past wars.

They where strangely absent during the war with the Burning Legion to the consternation of the Alliance. Recently however, the reason has been discovered. The Gnomes had been faced with a serious threat; the Troggs of Dun Morogh had awakened. These barbaric creatures had set upon the Gnomish population with ferocity. Many had died, and in an almost suicidal attempt to repel the invaders they launched a number of doomsday warheads with the intention of wiping out the Trogg threat. In the end, though they repelled the Troggs, their own weapons backfired leaving Gnomeragen a poisoned and nightmarish place. Now with fully half of their race wiped out and their home uninhabitable, they have taken refuge in Ironforge, welcomed as brothers by the Dwarves. They now plan and strategize, with the help of the Alliance and their new found wisdom perhaps someday they can return home.
Racial Traits
Escape Artist - active
Activate to break out of a Root or Snare effect - 1.5 sec cast - 1 min cooldown

Expansive Mind - passive
Increase Intelligence by 5%

Arcane Resistance - passive
All Gnomes get +10 Arcane Resistance

Technologist - passive
15 skill bonus to Engineering
Start Location: Anvil Marr, Dun Morogh
Home City: Ironforge
Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Warlock
Basic Mount: Mechano-Strider

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