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Music and sounds that help create the rich environment of the World of Warcraft can be found on this page. Enjoy.

From Middle-earth to Azeroth Radio Show
From Middle-earth to Azeroth was an exclusive LQGaming Radio broadcast focusing on the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft. This show is no longer in production for the WoW portion. You'll find recordings of the WoW portion of the shows here.
  • March 10 06
    This show was a very special one for me because I managed to have two special guests... some not-so-young gamers... talk about why they love WoW. One of the guests was extra-special... my dear ol' Dad! Yup. TucksMa's Pa. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

  • March 03 06
    With over 5.5 million subscribers, WoW is hands-down the most successful MMO ever produced. On this show we discuss the impact WoW has had on the genre, what it's done differently, and where it's going.

  • February 24 06
    Wanna earn a ton of gold? This broadcast will tell you how. Download it today and learn ways to earn as you play. Once again, Electromancer helped out in his own special way.

  • February 17 06
    Continuing in our focus on basics, tonight we discussed tradeskills with a bit of 'color commentary' by Electromancer, my special guest-host.

  • February 10 06
    Classes were the main topic of discussion this evening and what general roles they take in PvE, PvP, solo or group. Minor distractions from the chat channel added to the fun.

  • February 03 06
    This week we went into a ton of detail on the races available to play and the benefits (or lack-thereof) of their racial attributes. Anyone looking to start a new race will find this recording has a wealth of information.

  • January 27 06
    Narmacil from the LotRO Community stuck around a while for the WoW portion of the show as we discussed the WoW Community of which he is also a part. We discussed player attitudes, behaviors, and expectations. And of course any WoW Community discussion is not complete without touching on "Barrens General Chat".

  • January 20 06
    Electromancer was my special guest tonight and we had some lively discussion about upcoming events and the expansion as well as the still brewing Paladin debates. And as always, then we just digressed.

  • January 13 06
    We managed to get Isuiln Fellblade to join us again as we talked about bannings and GMs in WoW. Then we drifted into class and race discussions and my father playing a female gnome!

  • January 06 06
    In this week's show we have a new guest with us, our own Isuiln Fellblade as we discuss the new 1.9 patch and everything that comes with it. Isuiln learns he's a natural on the radio!

  • December 30 05
    Blizzard has recently announced post-60 content that's in the works and this is our topic of discussion this evening. We also strayed into a little discussion about system hardware.

  • December 02 05
    This week TucksMa and Magi basically have no focus at all and the show gets a little crazy, and weird, and well, you just have to listen and hear for yourself.

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June 5, 2006