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New developer posts:

More Updates Coming? - Added: August 20th, 2005

Could the last web update just be the start of something much greater? Tisirin was kind enough to drop by the forums to leak a bit of top secret info about what's to come in future updates.

Howdy, folks! I'm glad you are enjoying the updates. A couple of quick things:

1. The screenshots are real. Sorry. Wait, I'm not sorry!

2. I'm working on the next web update and hope to start including some character class information to give the community something more to chew on in that respect.

Stay tuned!


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Building Hype? - Added: July 11th, 2005

What is the right formula for TR hype? A hot new topic on the forums all about building the TR community has reached the eyes of our very own Tisirin (TR Community Coordinator). After a brief overview of his views on building hype for an MMO, Tisirin left the fans with a very important quest. "What do you think is the right formula for TR, out of curiosity?"

"Ah, a topic near and dear to my heart.

I don't know much about the cycle of hype for MMO's either. It seems to be different with every title. Those with strong IP's or that are very unique (like CoH) can build and hold a community early and for a long time.

I've been trying to discover the answers to a few questions that seem to have shifting answers as the MMO landscape and market changes.

How early is too early for announcing? Is there a too late?

What about forums? Same question. Given that with official forums, I think it's very important to be able to "feed" the community there and that if you're not prepared to do that, you shouldn't have them.

I have seen great success and cohesive communities form and maintain for years before a game is released and I have seen dead ones and every variation in between.

What do you think is the right formula for TR, out of curiousity?"

Make sure to drop by the forums and let the devs know what you think the formula is for building TR hype.

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Speed of Logos - Added: June 4th, 2005

How fast will Logos fire as compared to normal weapons such as a pistol or rocket launcher? Tisirin explains:

"It's not really hard-and-fast in that all weapons are faster than all Logos implementations. For example, the rocket launcher is currently a tad slow and might be the same firing/reload speed as using Logos.

But naturally, because a Logos effect is relatively powerful, they are typically going to be slower to implement than firing a pistol or rifle or such."

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NCSoft All Access? - Added : May 31, 2005

As NCSoft continues to grow beyond the competition with four currently released MMOs and two more on the horizon, the question was asked if NCSoft might looking into an 'All Access' subscription much like SOE. Such a subscription would give players the ability to play all NCSoft games with one flat monthly fee.

Tisirin jumped in with a little bit of insight on the possibilities of such a program:

"Absolutely this is something we are looking into and it becomes more important with each game we release. Because of our relationships with the studios that we publish, our system will have to be a bit more flexible, of course.

But, it's an obvious thing to shoot for and it's something we're working on.


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