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Tabula Rasa Previews

Tabula Rasa Previews

Stratics Tabula Rasa E3 Preview
Another very good preview from the TR E3 2005 booth.


LQGaming First Look Part 2
Part two of our Tabula Rasa First look report.


TR LQGaming E3 Q&A Update
A quick Q&A update from our Tabula Rasa E3 coverage.


TR Stratics MMORadio Report
CmdrFalcon over at TR Stratics has written an overview of what has been covered on MMORadio.


GameZone Preview
GameZone's preview of Tabula Rasa.


GameSpy E3 Report
GameSpys E3 2005 preview by Fargo.


LQGaming First Look Part 1
Take a look at the first impression of the new TR written by our very own Sean "ConerVallore" Neubert.


GameSpot Pre-E3 Report
GameSpot has posted a pre-show report with all the latest information on Tabula Rasa.


GameSpot TR E3 Preview
This is a very long and very descriptive preview from gamespots impressions of Tabula Rasa at this year's E3.


CVG Preview
While not given much new info on the current state of the game or what will be included with the overhaul, the preview does have a few quotes from executive producer Richard Garriott. It's a good read for all TR fan.


GamePro.com TR Preview
GamePros short preview article about Tabula Rasa.


NCsoft Play Day Review
It seems that a lot of people enjoyed themselves at both GameFellas and LAN's Edge event in Austin. This review is a good overview at what went on that day.


UGO Previews Tabula Rasa
UGO's preview article for Tabula Rasa. However, the article did not mention any new specific information. Nevertheless, it is a great read for those who are new to the game.


Frictionless Insight Preview
Frictionless Insight previewed Tabula Rasa at E3 2004, where they have discussed various aspects of the game. There is nothing really new in the article, but it's a good read anyway.


MarkeeDragon's Preview
MarkeeDragon's E3 Tabula Rasa Preview.


Warcrys TR E3 Preview
A very well written preview from Warcry. This is a good overview for new TR fans.


Stratics TR E3 Preview
Another very good TR E3 preview.


IGN Preview
IGN's Tabula Rasa E3 Preview.


FileFront E3 Preview
FileFront's E3 Preview with E3 photos of the TR booth.


Yahoo! Games TR Preview
This article is brief, yet it provides a really good short summary of the game so far. It also talks about how the combat system will work in the game.


Grimwell Online Preview
Grimwell Online E3 Preview, This is a really nice write up because they have cut it into different sections making it easy to look up different game topics.


Are we missing an preview? Let us know at TR@lqgaming.com.

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