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Tabula Rasa Interviews

Tabula Rasa Interviews

GameDev talks to TR Devs
This article/interview features many Tabula Rasa devs including Starr Long, Paul Sage, Valerie Massey (aka Pann) and many others. This is a must read for not only Tabula Rasa fans but anyone who is interested in mmos and the development process.


CorpNews Talks to Richard Garriott
While not directly having anything to do with TR, he does hit on a few mmo topics. I think the most important topic was his line involving Physics.


Kotaku Lord British Q&A
While not having anything to do with TR itself, it's a neat interview into the life of Lord British. There is also some neat inside info on the Britannia Manor.


GameRifts talks with Starr Long
Starr talks on a large range of topics but it's loaded with good info on both Starrs views on mmos, where they are going and where TR fits in. There is quite a large focus on instanced zones and its effects on the mmo genre.


GameZone TR Interview - Part 2
Garriott talked quite a bit about the back story and some of the major changes that TR has over come since E3.


GameDev Richard Garriott & Brad McQuaid Interview
A good interview on a large range of topics with two of the most well known names in the mmo industry.


HomeLAN Tabula Rasa Interview
Garriott talks about the inspirations behind TR along with his views on mmos and where they are going.


GameZone TR Interview - Part 1
NCsoft's Richard Garriott details how to design compelling intellectual design property during the Austin Game Conference.


FileFront developer interview
FileFront talks with Paul Sage, Lead Designer for Tabula Rasa, the upcoming MMORPG from NCSoft.


RPGVault interviews Carly Staehlin
The interview is very informative on various game play concepts in Tabula Rasa, which runs 4 pages long.


Gamebunny interviews Richard Garriott
The interview is pretty casual, talking about both Richard Garriott's career and Tabula Rasa.


GameZone interviews Chris Vrenna
GameZone interviewed Chris Vrenna, the music composer for Tabula Rasa.


MarkeeDragon interviewed Pann
MarkeeDragon interviewed Pann, the community coordinator for Tabula Rasa, before E3 2004 event.


GameSpy talks with Richard Garriott
Provides in-depth insights discussing about "Lord British's past, Richard Garriott's future, and the passion to create worlds".


Are we missing an interview? Let us know at TR@lqgaming.com.

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