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The Benefactor Stone Project

The Benefactor Stone Project - Under Revision

50 years ago a team of archeologist uncovered an unusual artifact with alien properties during a routine research project in Macchu Pichu. The privately-funded research project assigned to research the artifact known as the Benefactor Stone Project began to release their findings to the public last year creating an uproar in the scientific community. We now believe that the information released by the team was falsified and distributed by a group of college students via the web. The project is now under careful investigation.

At this time the Benefactor Stone Project is currently under revision and some or all past information on it is now obsolete. We will be working hard to bring you any new information that surfaces about the project.

More info on its replacement/revision should be available soon so keep your eyes open.

We will uncover the truth!

*please note info above is not part of the official backstory*
Info on the replacement/revision was provided by Tisirin

Want to know more about the old Benefactor Stone Project? Click here!

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June 5, 2006