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Tabula Rasa Awards


E3 2005: Biggest Suprise - Stratics Central
Tabula Rasa has been completely redesigned from head to toe leaving our team with split emotions.

E3 2005: Best Sound - Stratics Central
Tabula Rasa offers nothing less than audible perfection and makes you feel as though you're truly in the game.

E3 2004: Best Game of E3, Best MMORPG - Jive Magazine
All in all, Richard Garriott and his team have done it again. Tabula Rasa stands to be the single most innovative title to the MMOG Genre in years.

E3 2004: Best Sound - WarCry Network
Back in the hotel, we listened through it three times and all I can say is "wow".

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June 5, 2006