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Area 7
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Terrain: Volcanoes, Lava Flows, Barren Rock
Key Locations: Mining Camp, Central Volcano

Located in the Outer Rim, the tiny planet of Mustafar is a fiery world where lava is mined like a precious natural resource. Its bleak landscape is a visual assault of jagged obsidian mountains with towering fountains of fire and lava blasting from beneath the surface. This lava also streaks the blasted landscape in huge winding rivers and plunging cataracts. Mustafar's skies are obscured by choking black clouds of ash, smoke and tephra. The intense geological activity creates natural scanning interference that has kept prying eyes away from Mustafar for most of its history

Despite the hellish nature of its environment, Mustafar has nonetheless produced native life capable of surviving in the fiery extremes of the planet. The sentient Mustafarians -- of which two notable subspecies exist -- paid little heed to the galactic events that culminated on their world. They went about their business, gathering precious minerals and energy from the lava streams, riding their massive lava fleas across the stygian lands.

Mustafar is not for the faint of heart. If the terrain is harsh, the creatures are more so. Combat Level ranges are from the low 60s and up. Way up. Bring some friends if you expect to survive in a fight on this literal hell hole. Travel is treacherous as well. Without a proper mount like a Lava Flea, you'll have to stay on the small bridges that separate the areas of the map to avoid the lava. Step in the lava unprotected and you'll give new meaning to the phrase 'feel the burn'.

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Area 1
No matter where you go on Mustafar you will find yourself on a dry and barren landscape decorated only with lava and lit by the glow of the volcanos and the lightning storm. The northwest corner of the planet offers a little variety simply because it is the location of The Smoking Forest and The Mining Camp on Strike. Of course you'll find plenty of Miners here and Mining Crew Chiefs, all of whom are (of course) on strike. You will also see the occassional Queen Kubaza Beetle.

Area 2
The top of the map is one of the more safe areas to be for a couple of reasons. The area is pretty flat so you can see your enemies easier, and the Combat Level range is a mere 70-80. Roaming around the Burning Plainsyou can expect to run across one of the many species of raptors on the planet, the Forest Blistmok Raptor and a stray Kubaza Beetle or two.

Area 3
A short jaunt east across one of the inadequate rock bridges will take you to the Berken's Flow. Once you navigate through that you'll find an Old Research Facility tucked away among the hills to the north. Not much else to see over here except of course creatures like the Xandank or the Jundak Stalker.

Area 4
Dead center of the map is the Central Volcano. An amazing sight to say the least. Along it's slopes be on the look out for Salvage Bandits near the Crash Site Excavation and Plains Creepers.

Area 5
The main place to go if you want to find a lot of Tulrus' including the Ancient Tulrus is area 5 since it is home to the Tulrus Nesting Grounds. It can probably be more appropriately named the Tulrus Hunting Grounds since they are a favorite prey because of their hides.

Area 7
Area 7 is the 'starting zone' for Mustafar. All travelers land at the Mensix Mining Facility and the only way to get here is by shuttle, no private flights allowed in. Around the facility and down to the Crystal Flats the Combat Level range is a mere 65-75. You can find some decent prey here as well including the Lava Fleas and the Lowland Blistmok.

Area 10
This remote corner of the planet is one of the least hospitable both because of the terrain and the occupants. Be on the look out for the Old Mining Camp and Mining Fields. Just look for an amazing Lava Falls and you'll know you're close. The mobs here are extremely dangerous so be careful. You can't expect anything good out of something called a Malfunctioning Patrol Droid.

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