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Click on a highlighted zone to learn more about that area.
Kkowir Forest Rryatt Trail Area 3
Area 3 Kachirho
Area 7 Etyyy, The Hunting Grounds Kachirho
Etyyy, The Hunting Grounds

Terrain: Jungles, Forests, Rivers
Key Locations: Several Instanced Zones within each area

Introduced in Rage of the Wookiees, the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk is a planet unlike any other. While the original 10 worlds are based on a philosophy of open travel, where you can go from one point to any other pretty much at will (if you survive of course), Kashyyyk is split up into multiple zones, each with a very unique atmosphere and layout.

The entire planet can be considered a giant theme park, as nearly every NPC you run into on the surface will be involved in quests of some kind. Many quests involve the native Wookiee populations and their attempts to free themselves from Trandoshan slave clans. Others allow the player to help the small Zssik clan overthrow the Blackscale clan as the ruling Trandoshan force on the planet, in the process destroying the Blackscale Avatar Platform space station. Rodian hunters also make a significant appearance on Kashyyyk, as do Chiss poachers attempting to ruin the Rodian expedition.

Players will find a myriad of rewards from Kashyyyk quests, from paintings of the Clone Wars to unique weapons to several new starfighters to new mounts.

Upon landing on Kashyyyk, players will be placed in the city of Kachirho. From this city they can venture to Etyyy (the Rodian Hunting Grounds), the Rryatt Trail, the mysterious Kkowir Forest (home to the Myyydril Caverns), or the Blackscale Slaver Compound.
View images of Kashyyyk and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Since Kashyyyk is divided into zones, so to is our map. Click on a highlighted area on the map above to learn what creatures and what Points of Interest you can expect to find there.

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