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Terrain: Canyons, forests, jagged mountain peaks
Key Locations: Imperial prison, witch villages, rancor habitats, mountain passes

Dathomir is a low-gravity world located in the Quelii sector. The planet is inhabited by the Witches of Dathomir, a group of Force-sensitive women who ride fearsome rancors. These "witches" live in different clans that include a group of darksiders calling itself the Nightsisters. The 'Singing Mountain Clan' and the 'Nightsisters' are at odds with one another - and with visitors who fail to show the proper respect. Visitors can align themselves with either side and benefit from trade with these powerful indigenous creatures.

Dathomir can only be accessed by special charter transports operated by skilled pilots. Its terrain is highly dangerous. Besides rancors, the witches are a constant threat on Dathomir.

Dathomir has not appeared in any of the films, but is an important part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. It appears in such books as The Courtship of Princess Leia, Darksaber, Star by Star, and Children of the Jedi. Additional information on the planet can be found in reference sources including The Star Wars Encyclopedia. The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons, and LucasArts Entertainment's Behind the Magic. Infinity's End, a story-arc within Dark Horse's ongoing Star Wars comic book series also takes place on Dathomir.

View images of Dathomir and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
Adventurers will want to check out this seemingly quiet corner of Dathomir as the mountainous region is home to a number of species rich in resources like the oppressive looking Kamurith Snapper.

Area 2
Things get a bit more hairy as you move east to area 2. Mainly because you could get caught between the clan rivalry of the Nightsisters found at the Nightsister Cult Cave and the Singing Mountain Clan found nearby at the Singing Mountain Clan Fortress. But not to be discounted are the Gaping Spiders found throughout the cliffs and caves here.

Area 3
Things are much safer as you continue east to the upper right of the Dathomir map. Lots of water and low combat levels make this an idea place to hunt in relative peace. You can find creatures like the Reptilian Flier in this area.

Area 4
This western portion of Dathomir is very dangerous indeed. First of all it's home to the Imperial Prison. Secondly, the Nightsister Stronghold is here. And most dangerous of all... be on the lookout for the ever present, mighty Rancor; for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup. Rumor has it there's a cave full of them here.

Area 5
Considered a 'starting area' for Dathomir, the center of the map is home to the Traders Outpost and a Science Outpost where you can find your trainers, banks, and such. As for mobs, you'll find the usual types found around towns as well as the occassional representative from the Mountain Clan roaming a bit far from her fortress like the Arch Witch.

Area 6
The eastern side of Dathomir is where you'll find history, horror, and wonder. For the history, head towards the mountain range to find the Crashed Ship. For horror (if you're male that is) there is one of several Nightsister Forced Labor Camps. For wonder... you need look no further than the breathtaking Misty Falls.

Area 7
A Baz Nitch or two may find its way to you as you journey through area 7. Don't let their relatively diminutive size fool you. This is also where you can find the remnants of a battle between the rival clans on the planet.

Area 8
Area 8 brings us back to the east and seems relatively tame at first glance. Then you'll find there are creatures like the Brackaset roaming the hills or even herd of Malkloc down in the plains.

Area 9
The Dathomir Tar Pits in the southern section of the planet, has a rich history and a dangerous terrain. Tread carefully here. The mobs range from Combat Level 64-70 so they shouldn't be too difficult for the average adventurer here.

Area 10
This area has the highest Combat Level concentration in all of Dathomir. Only the most brave (or foolhardy) would come here. Expect to find all number of dangerous beasts like in any other sector of the planet only more dangerous... and more deadly. This last area is where I'll tell you about the most common enemy on the planet, not only because you can find most likely some here but because they are cunning, and deadly when provoked: Nightsisters. The Dark Side of the Force is their ally... beware.

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