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Yavin 4

Yavin 4

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Terrain: Jungles, lakes, streams
Key Locations: The Great Temple, abandoned temples, "scorched earth" area

Yavin 4 is a jungle moon orbiting the gas giant planet of Yavin. An Imperial presence, established after the Battle of Yavin, makes traveling to the planet difficult and dangerous. However, those with a deep interest in the Imperial cause may decide to help the over-worked military presence on Yavin 4.

In the Star Wars saga, Yavin 4 plays a significant role as the staging area for the Battle of Yavin, where the first Death Star was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. In Star Wars Galaxies, the moon remains a hotbed of conflict between the Empire and the Rebels. Battles for control of Yavin 4 are a central part of the ongoing Galactic Civil War, as is the exploration of its abandoned temples. The adventurous will encounter a variety of creatures. The Massassi, the original inhabitants of Yavin 4, have long since disappeared but rumors persist of survivors deep in the jungles...

View images of Yavin4 and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
For those choosing to travel up into this far northwestern corner of the small moon there isn't a lot to find besides mobs ranging from combat level 74-80. Expect to see the likes of the Tanc Mite roaming around. And if you look careful you just might find a very small Rebel outpost but shhh... we didn't tell you that.

Area 2
One of the 'starting areas' of Yavin 4, this area is where one of the few bastians of civilization can be found... the Mining Outpost. It has all the necessary emenities of home: Starport, Cloning Facility, and of course, Cantina. Along the shores of the lake in this zone can be found mobs like the Crystal Snake and the Spined Puc.

Area 3
Those Force Sensitives who follow the dark side will want to visit the northeastern reaches of Yavin 4. It is here that they will find the Temple of Exar Kun, built to honor the long dead Sith Lord. The mobs in this jungle area are a little more difficult than average on the moon. Adventurers can expect to see creatures like the Choku.

Area 4
On the west of Yavin 4 is a small Genosian Bio-lab Facility where you can find the fascinating Kliknik. Along the river are the beautiful Whisper Bird

Area 5
Nearly dead center of the planetary map is the Woolamander Palace; a popular place for Armorsmiths to visit. The tiny Stintari can be found here... if you have good eyes.

Area 6
The eastern portion of the moon is another dangerous place for adventurers to venture into. Mobs like the Mawgax and the Gackle Bat range in combat level from 68-76. Resourceful scouts may even find the Death Star Salvage Site.

Area 7
Another of the 'starting' areas, this southwestern corner of the moon is home to the Labor Outpost and another Starport. You will also find the Great Massassi Temple near where the two rivers meet. The variety of terrain here leads to a variety of mobs like cunning Angler and unique Tybis.

Area 8
Since much of this zone lies between two of the large rivers on Yavin 4, the jungle here is thick and treacherous. So of course this is where the Blueleaf Temple can be found. As for mobs, be on the lookout for creatures like the strange Mamiens.

Area 9
This last zone is more jungles, more rivers, and more hills. A perfect place for the Empire to build an Imperial Outpost. Your Emperor is never far from your side. Whether you like it or not.

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