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Terrain: Swamp, hills, cities, mountains, grasslands - Terrain similar to Naboo
Key Locations: Rebel Outpost, colonies of Narmle and Restuss.

Rori is one of Naboo's moons and shares a number of traits with its parent planet. Just as one might describe Talus as a "creepier version of Corellia," Rori can be described as a "more bizarre version of Naboo." The forests and other vegetation are said to be more twisted and knotted than Naboo's plantlife. The strong resemblance between architecture on Rori and Naboo is no accident, for the inhabitants are human colonists from Naboo.

Rori is making its first appearance in the Star Wars continuity through Star Wars Galaxies; it has yet to appear in any of the films or in the Expanded Universe sources.

View images of rori and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
You won't find much in this mountainous corner of Rori besides a small Rebel Base and some very high combat level mobs: 52-60. Keep on the lookout for creatures like the enormous Nudfuh.

Area 2
The main item of note in this northern swampy area is the Imperial Hyperdrive Research Facility. Expect to find mobs around combat level 44-52.

Area 3
In this relatively low combat level area is the small colony of Restuss. You'll find many amenities here. The area is also home to a Giant Bark Mite Cave and the Cobral Hidehout.

Area 4
This small zone is relatively harmless. When you can find mobs like the diminutive Squall, expect them to be around combat level 38-46. They travel in packs however so don't get caught by too many at once.

Area 5
This zone spreads far from north to south and hosts mobs of combat level 48-52 for the most part. It is also the home of the moon's resident Gungans who can mostly be found in and around the Gungan Swamp Town. These aren't your normal friendly Gungans... all the more reason to mow them down! *ahem*

Area 6
Area 6 is one of the more dangerous zones of Rori with combat levels ranging from about 48-56. Deep in the mountains to the east is the location of the Kobala Spice Mine. It's well guarded so approach with care.

Area 7
This small zone is full of swamp land and so was considered a great place for the Garyn Raiders' Bunker. They're not fond of visitors.

Area 8
The lowest combat level area, this zone is also the location of the city of Narmle. It's a great place to start to help prepare you for the rest of the moon. A common mob found here would be the Gualama

Area 9
Heading to the east you can find higher level mobs and the location of the Poacher vs Creature Battle where the creatures fight back in this no-win scenario.

Area 10
The southern portions of Rori are pretty tame when it comes to combat levels, especially in the south west. You can expect to find Tortas near the Pygmy Torton Cave. In the foothills of the mountains further west is the Imperial Encampment.

Area 11
The southeast is similar in many ways to the southwest, most notably in terrain. Watch out for the vicious Borgle Bats that roam near their cave in this zone. You can also find a Rebel Outpost that is home to a Rebel Pilot 4 Trainer.

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