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Terrain: Forest, mountains, desert, savannas, lakes
Key Locations: Ewok villages, Marauder sites, Gorax caves

Star Wars Galaxies gameplay occurs on the forest moon of Endor, as opposed to the gas giant planet that's also named Endor. The Endor "System" is located at the edge of the Moddell Sector. Prominently featured in Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, the forest moon of Endor has great significance in the Star Wars saga as the site of the Battle of Endor. The battle is fought to abort the secret construction of the Empire's second Death Star battle station. Star Wars Galaxies takes place during the Galactic Civil War, before the Battle of Endor. The threat of a second Death Star looms as the Empire pushes forward with construction of another of these deadly weapons..

Endor's terrain incorporates the Ewoks' treetop villages, the Gorax caves, and other wilderness areas. There are no cities or urban regions of commerce on Endor and there are no opportunities for new residents to build homes or establish settlements.

However, Endor offers great chances to develop interesting trade relations with some of its inhabitants, including Ewok tribes and cunning Marauders, if their trust can be earned. One of Endor's other notable inhabitants is the mystical Tulgah witch, Morag.

View images of Endor and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
The northwestern corner of the Forest Moon of Endor is among the most dangerous areas on the planet. Expect to find enemies ranging as high as Combat Level 74-80 including creatures like the Swirl Prong which makes good use of the high cliffs in this area to escape foes.

Area 2
As you head to lower ground and to an area with savannas and desert terrain, you can expect to see creatures like the Blurrg or even Duloks because of the proximity of one of two Dulok Villages here.

Area 3
More low-lying and dry terrain make this zone pretty unremarkable although the creatures you find here can range as much as 68-74 in Combat Level. Be on the look out for Bearded Jax or even a Gurreck or two. If they're too high a level for you, don't be overly brave... you're a long way from a Cloning Facility.

Area 4
Like the northwest of the moon, this northeast corner is extremely dangerous. Only the most steadfast and brave adventurer or group should risk coming here. Expect to find Hanadak and the like roaming around. Keep in mind they're not very fond of visiters.

Area 5
The mobs get a bit more reasonable in combat level as you head towards the forests and waterways of the moon. In this area you can find the Korga Cave, and while the Dulok that inhabit it are similar to the Ewoks... don't expect them to be as friendly.

Area 6
With a Starport in the Smuggler's Outpost here and the relatively low combat levels of mobs like the Roba, you can consider this area a starter area for the moon. You will also find the Jinda Ritualist's Cave here and to the southeast of the zone, one of two Ewok Tree Villages.

Area 7
Area 7 covers the remaining western edge of the moon's map. It's pretty rough terrain with mountains covered with forests and steep cliffs. A perfect place for both the Marauder's Camp and the Orphaned Marauder's Cave.

Area 8
Hop on over to the eastern side and you'll find the second Ewok Tree Village and the second Dulok Village. You may also be lucky enough to sight one of the beautiful Lantern Birds soaring through the tree tops.

Area 9
The little Ewoks don't only build their homes in the trees. In this zone you can find one of the Ewok Lake Villages nestled in a cove on the coast. The mobs are of a moderate level and include creatures like the Bordok and Merek.

Area 10
The second 'starting area' is located in Area 10. Home to a Research Outpost it also has the other Starport on the moon and an Imperial Pilot Trainer. Another Ewok Lake Village is on the small lake here and don't be surprised to see a few Remmers scavenging around the Outpost and Village.

Area 11
This last little corner of the Forest Moon of Endor may be small but it is still quite dangerous. With combat levels of up to 68-74, creatures like the Boar Wolf and the mysterious Kaitok are sure to be a challenge for most adventurers.

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