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Terrain: Grasslands, Steppes
Key Locations: Dantari camps, unnamed spaceport

Dantooine is a relatively isolated and unspoiled world dominated by sprawling grasslands and large oceans. The planet is inhabited by humanoid nomads known as the Dantari. The Dantari are hardy, yet primitive beings that can be found hunting along the coastlines.

Thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, Dantooine served as the site of a small Jedi academy overseen by Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. Over the centuries, the planet has also attracted a handful of colonists, who live in rustic family estates spread across the planet. The planet does have one small spaceport to handle new arrivals.

Because of its remote location and small native population, Dantooine recently housed the Rebel Alliance's primary base. The Rebels eventually discovered an Imperial tracking device aboard a cargo shipment to the base, and promptly evacuated the site in a single day. When Grand Moff Tarkin threatened to destroy Princess Leia's homeworld of Alderaan, she revealed that Dantooine was indeed a Rebel hideout, although she was well aware that the Rebels had already abandoned the planet.

Since the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has established a small outpost on Dantooine, if only to prevent the Rebels from returning. In addition, Dantooine is the central base of operation for a small band of smugglers known as the Gray Talon.

View images of Dantooine and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
One wouldn't expect to find much in the furthest reaches of a planet... which is exactly why this zone is where you can find the Abandoned Rebel Base. While the base is abandoned, the area is not so be on the look out for wandering tribesmen from one of the various tribes on Dantooine and creatures like the poisonous Voritor. With combat levels reaching up to 80, this is one of the most dangerous area of Dantooine.

Area 2
You'll find most of Dantooine void of civilization but wildlife and primitive cultures abound. In this area, like in most areas of the planet, you can come across any number of creatures including the very large, very strong, and very dangerous Graul.

Area 3
This is the section of the planet for the Force Sensitive to investigate. The combat levels are extremely high but you can find the Force Crystal Hunter's Cave and the Ruined Jedi Temple here. Both worth the visit young Jedi.

Area 4
This small zone can be conisedered Dantooine's "starter area". One key reason for this is the presence of one of a small Mining Outpost that has a few of the basic emenities like a Bank, Starport, and Tavern. The mobs here range in combat level from a mere 60 to 66. Highlighted by a small lake, this zone is home to the usual suspects including the far ranging Bol.

Area 5
More grasslands mean more hunting, and not much else. Keep an eye out for a worthy target such as a Piket or two. Not aggressive, you'll have time to setup a strategy for taking one of the behemoths down if you need to.

Area 6
They like putting points of interest on the outskirts of planets it seems since this far western zone is where you will find both the Mokk Stronghold and one of the planets three known Dantari Villages.

Area 7
Just a little east of the Stronghold is one of the only 3 signs of civilization on the planet outside of remote settlements. The Imperial Outpost was erected here to help prevent another Rebel Base from being created on Dantooine. You would find many people but you will find a Cantina, Bank, Starport, and other basic structures here. The surrounding plains and waterways are home to many creatures such as the mighty Thune.

Area 8
This area is nearly dead center of the planetary map as is the Kunga Stronghold in it. Plenty of humanoids can be found around here. Just more varieties of the native tribes.

Area 9
Area 9 is a very large and dangerous zone. Perfect for hunters. It's more hilly than the central regions of the planet but you can still find the occassional Quenker as well as other creatures. There are plenty of natives here as well: this zone also houses another of the Dantari Villages and the Janta Stronghold.

Area 10
There is nothing overly remarkable about the southwest of Dantooine besides the last of the three known Dantari Villages, and a sizable lake. Expect to see more of the same types of creatures here as in most other areas but the combat levels only range from 68-74 so it's not overly dangerous for most people.

Area 11
The final area is, you guessed it, a lot like the rest of the planet with vast plains and grasslands and pocketed with a few steppes. A large lake is here as well, no doubt connecting to a larger ocean beyond our reach. One of the plentiful creatures on this planet that you can expect to find in this zone is the Hurrton. For those who'd rather not go to the Imperial Outpost for their basic needs, a more neutral Pirate Outpost can be found on the north edge of the lake.

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