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Terrain: Fields, forest, seas
Key Locations: Dearic spaceport

One of the five habitable planets in the Corellian system, Talus is a blue, white, and green world. The elected Federation of the Double Worlds, or Fed-Dub, rules Talus. Beneath the surface of Talus is a planetary repulsor, which was used in ancient times to move the planet into its current orbit from an unknown location.

In terms of terrain, Talus strongly resembles its "brother" world, Corellia, but possesses its own range of unique environments, including mudflats and ravines.

View images of Talus and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
Those who take the time to journey to the far north west of Talus should do so with caution. Enemies in this area can range as high as combat level 54 to 60. The mountains are steep indeed but you can still find plenty of water and vegetation. Do not be surprised to come across a Vynock or two.

Area 2
This area is less safe for rebels than for imperials. You'll find the site of an Imperial vs Rebel Battle as well as a common site on worlds in the Corellia system: an Imperial Outpost.

Area 3
Visitors to the north east of Talus will find the small but vital city of Nashal waiting to welcome them. Within relatively short distances from the city is the site of a Corsec vs Flail Battle and the Aa'Kuan Champion's Cave. Many creatures you find on Corellia you will find on other planets of the system so be on the look out for Gulginaws and Dralls and the like.

Area 4
Nestled in the hills of western Talus is the Lost Aqualish War Party Cave. Tresspass at your own risk. You can also expect to see creatures like the Hilltop Kima prowling about.

Area 5
Area 5 extends from the middle of Talus to the east. Most mobs here are primarily combat level 38-46 and you can find grand adventure in the Giant Fynock Cave, if you dare. Anyone wishing to hunt Sludge Panthers will find they have overtaken the Lost Village of Durbin which is now often called simply Creature Village.

Area 6
The lowest level mobs of Talus can be found here which is also the area in which you'll find the bustling Capital city of Dearic. Not all is safe however, for you can still find Gufdrolgs and other beasts as well as the mercenary camp of Erran Sif.

Area 7
The south eastern corner of Talus is mainly a mountainous region. A perfect place for the Binayre Pirate Bunker and an Imperial Detention Center. Expect to of course see plenty of Imperials and Pirates not to mention the occassional Kima.

Area 8
Since it's not near any populated zones one would think this south west corner of Talus would be pretty empty. One would be wrong. Perhaps because of it's seclusion it has become rather popular. In this area alone you will find the Giant Decay Mite Cave, a Rebel Weapons Depot, and the infamous Berserk Kahmurra Bio Lab. Needless to say you'll also see quite a number of Khamurra as well.

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