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Terrain: Swamp, hills, cities, mountains, grasslands
Key Locations: Theed

Naboo is one of the most geographically diverse planets in Star Wars Galaxies with terrific points of interest for those with exploration in their hearts. From the darkest depths of the Lianorm Swamps to the frozen peaks of the Gallo Mountain Range to lush tropical jungles and dense forests, Naboo teems with fantastic locales and unusual creatures.

The peaceful humans, called the Naboo, and the more warlike Gungans are the two most populous groups inhabiting the planet. Gungans and Naboo have clashed with one another in the past, but they've also fought together, most notably against the Trade Federation invasion.

The Emperor has erected a stunning retreat on Naboo where he holds summits with high-ranking Imperial personnel. Imperial sympathizers can find a wide range of adventures here to pull them headlong into the throes of the Galactic Civil War. Perhaps after many trials and successful missions on behalf of the Empire, the most skilled agents may even gain an audience with the Emperor himself.

View images of Naboo and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
In this, the northwest area of Naboo you will find the city of Theed. While considered the capital it is moreso the residence of the royal family. Here is where you can find the majestic Theed Waterfall. Visiters to Naboo should be around combat level 20 if they want to feel safe while they travel the planet. In this area, you can expect to see creatures from combat level 20-25 mostly. Beware of Terrorist in and around Theed, and all manner of beasts roam the swamps and shores. Always an easy target, the huge Fambaa can be found here as well as in most areas of the map, as can the ape-like Veermok.

Area 2
Considered the 'starter' area of Naboo, the northeast is home to the cities of Keren and Kaadara. Most mobs will range between combat level 18-23 but of course there are always exceptions. Racers will be glad to know that the Keren Street Race Track can be found here and as you travel southeast of Keren, be watchful for the Mauler Stronghold. The Maulers may not look tough... but they have ranged weapons and tend to group. Tusk-cats are likely to be found in the northern and eastern parts of this zone.

Area 3
Area 3 is a zone that boasts most of the terrain types you can find on the planet in one compact area. From mountains to swamps this place has it all. The combat levels tend to be aroun 23-28 so the average player can find a bit of a challenge here. Nestled within the heart of the mountains is a simple valley with a small lake that is home to Amidala's Beach. But not all is peaceful. The huge and glorious Peko-peko roam all throughout this area and don't be surprised to see the occassional Falumpaset or Fanned Rawl as you crest that peak.

Area 4
The southeast area of Naboo has a lot for you to do. The city of Moenia is here as well as the breathtaking Dee'ja Peak Waterfall. But not all is mere scenery. You can also find the Imperial vs Gungan Battle location and the very dangerous Narglatch Cave where only the very brave, or very foolish, dare to tread. Of course you will find plenty of Narglatch in this zone so watch your step. Shaupauts are spread all over the planet and this area is no exception. They may look benign but trust me, they're not.

Area 5
When you get to the southwest area of Naboo you will find the mobs are a bit more dangerous. Ranging in combat level from 30-33 for the most part they are best to steer clear of if you aren't in your upper 20s or higher. One of the key areas of this zone is the Weapon Development Facility. It is a favorite target for all factions as all try to claim it as their own. Swamp Stalkers, and Ikopi range freely in this area but not all is beligerant. The Kaduu also can be found here as with many zones on Naboo.

Area 6
This final area of Naboo is a dangerous and active one. Here is where you will most likey find the greatest concentration of Gungans as it is the home of the Gungan Sacred Place. Unfortunately for them, it is also where you can generally find Borvo the Hutt's champion, Mordran. Challenge him if you dare. Many have tried, few have survived. The mobs tends towards combat level 27-33 so be sure to keep your eyes open. Just like every other area on Naboo the same mobs roam here and most are docile. But beware complacency, for that is the ally of defeat, and thou art tasty with ketchup.

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