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Terrain: Fields, forest, seas, cities
Key Locations: Coronet, Agrilat Swamps, Gold Beaches

Although Corellia has never appeared in any of the Star Wars films, it's a key location in the greater Star Wars saga. Most notably, Corellia is Han Solo's homeworld. Other Corellian native sons include Rebel general Crix Madine, outspoken senator Garm Bel Iblis, and Rogue Squadron's Corran Horn. Corellia also witnessed the birth of the Rebel Alliance when senators Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and Bail Organa vowed to overthrow senator Palpatine and signed the so-called Corellian Treaty, which officially founded the Rebel Alliance.

Corellia's terrain includes fields, forests and seas, as well as bustling cities glistening with skyscrapers. Correllia has become a center for interplanetary commerce, offering both merchants and buyers a healthy and stable environment for trade.

Rumors have emerged that Princess Leia Organa has established a hidden "command and control" center for Rebel operations on Corellia and seeks the services of sympathizers to aid the Rebellion.

View images of Corellia and it's surrounding space in our gallery:

Area 1
The northwest corner of Corellia is a treacherous one indeed. Mountainous terrain serves as a beautiful backdrop for a not so well hidden Hidden Rebel Base. Also the homebase for the Afarathu Followers you will find the Afarathu Cave if you know where to look. Take a break from your adventures in picturesque Kor Vella. Along with the cult followers, expect to see the likes of the massive Sharnaff and the smaller Wrix. But don't judge your enemy by its size.

Area 2
The zones due north and northeast on Corellia play host to a score of things to do and places to see. Test your skill on the Agrilat Swamp Swoop Track deep within the expansive and fascinating Agrilat Swamp. Meet with the small yet intelligent Drall in and around their refuge, the Drall Patriot's Cave. Many dangerous beasts roam the hills and valleys around Daoba Guerfel, a small yet proud town. From the small Paralope to the imposing War Gronda, a worthy challenge awaits the intrepid adventurer.

Area 3
Creatures ranging in combat level from 24-30 populate this area. For the average adventurer on Corellia they pose a minor challenge. Play it relatively safe here against Swoopers, Wrix, and the occassional Dalyrake. But don't be too lax, for you may still run into the occassional high level beast looking for a humanoid snack.

Area 4
While still boasting lower level targets, this area also serves as the base of operations for Lord Nyax's Cult. Approach with caution for they may just shoot first and ask questions later. Streams criss-cross all throughout this zone making it a favorite place for creatures like the the small, pretty, and treacherous Howling Plumed Rasp, the menacing Slice Hounds, and insects that are far too large to be considered 'just bugs'.

Area 5
Much of the eastern edge of the Corellia map is within this zone. A large lake takes up nearly half of it but like most bodies of water on Corellia, it is more like a marsh than a lake. On a small island on this lake you will find the Rogue Corsec Base; yet another base of operations for an unhappy group to practice their discontent. Marshlands encompass the rest of the zone populated with the usual suspects like Spats, Gulginaws, and of course Rogue Corsec Agents.

Area 6
This area on the west of Corellia is a mix of terrains. You'll find marshes like you will nearly everywhere else on this wet planet, as well as some mountains to climb. The city of Tyrena rests near a small inlet from the large lake in the southern area of this zone. In the hills you may find the adorable Krahbu, or the cool looking Bageraset. But always be on the lookout for insurgents or other more dangerous foes. To the south of this zone is Vreni Island. No mobs can be found here so it's a safe place to rest, and you can check out the Grand Theatre of Vreni Island.

Area 7
Surrounding the capital city of Coronet, this area is one of the lowest level areas on the planet. If the mobs are too high for you here, go back to Tatooine. Appearing in small groups and looking oh so pretty are the not so 'sweet' Corellian Butterfiles. They're non-aggro so you may feel safe, but the tall grasses they fly over are home to small yet vicious little critters like the Durni and the Gubber. Watch your toes.

Area 8
This final zone on Corellia goes from sea level marshes up to majestic mountains that serve as the setting for the beautiful city of Bela Vistal. The centerpiece of this city is the enchanting Crystal Fountain of Bela Vistal that is sure to calm a weary adventurer's nerves. Various humanoid malcontents (this planet is full of them) patrol the surrounding mountains while down in the lowlands there are more varieties of Slice Hounds and insects and even creatures like the Sand Panther. Watch your step around the Stronghold, especially if you have any Rebel affiliations. They don't take kindly to strangers there.

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