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Star Wars Galaxies is based on some of the biggest box office smash movies in history. So it's only appropriate that we put up some movies of our own. They're not exactly blockbusters but hey, we're not exactly 20th Century Fox either. If you have any SWG Movies you'd like to submit just email us at: SWG LQGaming with the subject: Movie.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, stick some gum on the soles of your sneakers and enjoy the show!

Gameplay Movies

Trials of Obi Wan Trailer
A trailer for Trials of Obi Wan expansion. See Mustafar, new mobs, and Old Ben.
20mb WMV
Original SWG Cinematic
This is the original SWG Cinematic from long before the NGE.
22mb WMV
Player PVP Action
This is a gameplay movie created by SWG LQGaming's Disturbance who caught some heavy action on Bloodfin.
Player Event
This is a gameplay movie created by SWG LQGaming's Disturbance during an event on Bloodfin.
NGE Testing
This is a gameplay movie created by SWG LQGaming's Demio highlighting combat in the NGE.
48.7mb AVI

Other Media

OGR Talk Show
Alright, we confess. This one isn't a movie. It's a recording of the SWG discussion we did on Online Gaming Radio 11 Nov 05.
25.5mb MP3
Star Wars Icons
Star Wars Icons created by Draxonfly, for use in Windows. Download the ZIP file to your desktop, then extract the .ICO files to a folder of your choice.
80kb ZIP

To properly view a movie you may need the latest DivX Codecs.

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June 5, 2006