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Ships' Compendium

Space Factions

Click on a faction flag to see their available ships.

Rebel Alliance

Terrorists or Liberators? These are questions that will be asked often if one joins the Rebel Alliance, the small band attempting to restore peace to the galaxy. One must be warned, however, though the prospect of restoring freedom and peace to the galaxy may seem appealing, Imperials, be it Stormtroopers or not will take every opportunity to ensure that the Rebels are "properly dealt with."

If you join the ranks of the Rebel Alliance remember one thing: you are not alone. Thousands of others have joined their ranks and they each have the same solitary goal in mind: to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. The Imperials are tyrants and the Alliance will not rest until they no longer threaten the galaxy!

Galactic Empire (Imperials)

The Emperor, through Darth Vader, has at last brought peace to the galaxy. The wars with the Separatists are over and civilians, be it on Tatooine or Naboo, can live in relative peace without their liberty, freedom or way of life threatened. The Imperials ensure that these standards are upheld.

The terrorists, the Rebel Alliance, are everywhere and it is up to every single recruit of the Galactic Empire, experienced or no, to root them out wherever they dwell. The Rebels must not survive: long live the Emperor!

Freelance (Privateers)

The Galactic Civil War rages on and you are neither allied with the Rebels or the Imperials, maybe out of choice or circumstance, but that doesn't mean there is no boots to fill! Reaping the rewards of the deaths of the combatants, of capitalizing on terror-stricken citizens: such is the life of freelance!

Freelance is often times too broad of a statement, independents could be a better way to put it, or maybe even Hutt. Whatever statement is chosen one thing is for sure: you live to capitalize on the unfortunate!

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