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Racing Guide

The Guide to Racing in a Circuit

This guide is on the new swoop tracks races. You will be getting tips on the tracks to help you get the fastest time. You will get a better understand of the terrain and the turns (plus shortcuts) to be ready to race like a pro. The most importation thing to remember is that these race tracks were added for fun. You can't really beat these tracks, its just about getting the fastest time for the day and having fun. You will get a badge if your time beats the best recorded time for the day.

EXAMPLE: Someone gets 360 seconds on the Mos Espa Circuit. You race and get 355 seconds. That means you get a badge. If someone later in the day gets 350 seconds, he gets a badge and you still keep yours. But, everyone after him will have to beat 350 seconds to get a badge.

Also, if no one has raced for the day, the set time will be very high. So, all you would need to do is complete the race in a reasonable amount of time to get your badge. If this happens, be nice and do the track at a slower pace so others during the day can get their badges too.

Side Notes:
  • After talking with the Race Coordinator (3PO Droid), the music will begin and clock will start.
  • As you pass each WP, your time (in seconds) will be displayed along with what leg of the race you are on (12th WP of 16 WPs). Your next WP will be activated as soon as you reach your current one.
  • Getting attacked stops the cool racing music until you reach your next WP.
  • A fast computer maybe the key to victory. With things like houses and MOBs loading up on the fly, slower connections may have things jumping up 2 meters in front of you. Little things like hitting a house or taking a quick turn and riding up hill can cost you the few seconds you needed to win.
  • I recommend that you test ride whatever track you are racing on first, then start the race. This way, your computer will load all the textures needed and won't lag up your computer when racing.
  • Once you have reached your last WP (16th WP of 16 WPs), you will still need to race to the finish line.

NSpeed Hackers BewareN

Using a speed hack when racing can get you banned.
A hacker can be spotted very easily when they use one. If someone's time is way below normal (as in 15 seconds or more less then a time you know you did your best in), report it. Lets not let these cheaters get away with screwing everyone over.

Mos Espa Circuit

Mos Espa Race Track Map

Starting Location: Tatooine 2380 5000


If anyone that has a home in the direct path of the race track, please move it. This is the only track where player houses can get in the way. Be kind and make a path for people to get by, even if you own a player city. Ask around. You don't need to move to another planet, just make a path so racers won't be hitting houses when they load 2 meters in front of them.
Thank You.

Track Info:

If the information in my databanks are accurate, during the last decades of the Old Republic podraces were run on this track. The series was formed and controlled by the Hutts many years ago. Following the decline of podracing's popularity, this track was more or less abandoned by the Hutts. It was eventually taken over by a small band of swoop racers, who used it to stage a regular series of semi-legitimate races.
  • Its called Mos Espa Circuit but its north of Mos Entha. Go figure.
  • AV-21s will do a lot better in this course then a swoop for 2 reasons. One, there's a hill in one part of the race that will kill swoop bikes. Two, AV-21s can wall ride and cut corners without losing speed, unlike swoops.
  • Out of the 3 race courses, this is the only real track. The 2 others are made up by using locations with WP set around them.
  • This is also the only track that has high level MOBs spawning around it. Everything from worrts to Tuskens can pop up. Bring armor if you have it. You might even need buffs on a bad day. Be mindful of the bocatts that can hit you with one shot Knock Downs and Posture Changes.
  • Because this area is open to spawns, stay away from pre-spawned camps. If you see a camp site with flat ground around it, don't ride into it. A wall might pop up out of nowhere.
  • The race track has more then a few places that people could have placed homes. By doing a test drive around the track first, you can take note where homes are placed so you will know where to swerve in the real race.

Inside Information:

Leg 1: Start - Waldo Flats
As you start, hug the left turn around the 2 big rocks formations. Don't let the wide track pull you into the middle, head to the right wall as you barrel down the trench.

Leg 2: Waldo Flats - Waldo Grade

Once at the large opening, hug the right turn quickly. This turn seems to pop out of nowhere. Once you have turned, you will be heading down a thin trench.

Leg 3: Waldo Grade - Mushroom Mesa
Once you have past your turn at Waldo Grade, slowly start to make your way to the left wall. Stick to the left wall after you have taken the next turn. Once you have past the hard left you will be looking at the opening of the trench at Mushroom Mesa.

Leg 4: Mushroom Mesa - Ebe Crater Valley
Once you have shot out of the opening, remember the locations to any houses that were placed. If there weren't any in your way to swerve around, head straight to the next WP and get ready to drop.

Leg 5: Ebe Crater Valley - The Notch
The Crater Valley is very tricky. If you're riding a swoop, try to dodge the pot holes. There's a few in the way that could slow you down a few if you get caught up in them. Head right to the opening at the end of the valley.

Leg 6: The Notch - Diablo Cut
This leg of the race will be hell for anyone in a swoop. Swoops have the lowest Terrain Negotiation, so getting up this next hill will be a challenge. Try to stick to the right side after you hit the top of the hill. Once there, slowly make your way to the left side for the next turn.

Leg 7: Diablo Cut - Beggar's Canyon
After you hit Diablo Cut, make your way to the right side for the next turn. Once you have taken the turn, head back to the left side to get ready for Beggar's Canyon. Hug the left turn, this saves time over flying to the WP in the middle of the road.

Leg 8: Beggar's Canyon - Desert Plain
After a short stretch, there's a turn. Its not really much of a turn. You could easily just fly straight into the next WP, keeping to the left.

Leg 9: Desert Plain - Arch Canyon
Once you turned on Desert Plain, keep left. Don't let the wide road fool you. Stay left and hit the next turn as fast as you can.

Leg 10: Arch Canyon - The Whip
After you have past Arch Canyon, you will see many... arches. Head though the left-most arch and straight into the next WP.

Leg 11: The Whip - Jag Crag Gorge
Once at The Whip, stick to the right until the wide open turn. Keep hanging to the right even after the turn.

Leg 12: Jag Crag Gorge - Canyon Dune Turn
After Jag Crag Gorge, slowly start making your way to the left for the next turn. After the turn, keep sticking left until Canyon Dune Turn.

Leg 13: Canyon Dune Turn - Jett's Chute
Once again, stay left until the next turn. Slowly making your way to the right for your next turn. After that turn,stay right despite Jett's Chute WP being in the middle of the road.

Leg 14: Jett's Chute - Devil's Doorknob
After the right turn past Jett's Chute. Slowly make your way to the left as you come to the opening at Devil's Doorknob.

Leg 15: Devil's Doorknob - Hutt Flats
After the heading out of the opening, head right to the next WP. The small bumps in the road shouldn't effect your time.

Leg 16: Hutt Flats - Finish Line
Hug the wall past the 2 rock formations at Hutt Flats. Don't go all the way to the top of the hill. Just ride along the side without letting your vehicle slow down. After the short wall ride, turn to the left at the 2 rock formations. After this, you are home free. Just head to the Finish Line and you are done.

Keren City Circuit

Keren City Circuit Map

Starting Location: Naboo 1396 2686

Track Info: This circuit will take you winding through the narrow bridges and streets of Keren and it is favored by the more technically minded racer. Focusing more on finesse then it does raw speed this course will definately challenge your racing skills. Due to the danger street racing poses to pedestrians, the RSF does not approve of this activity so participation is at your own risk.
  • This track is all super sharp turns. You might want to use the map to get to know the track before you race in it because it is so tightly packed. Its not like you will have time to see where the next WP will pop up. You must know the next location.
  • An AV-21 will be no better then a swoop in this race. There is only one hill in the track and its so short that you can fly up it without missing a step.
  • Your computer will die if you don't test run this track. This city has a few big buildings that need to be loaded before you start racing.

Inside Information:

Leg 1: Start - South Pedestrian Bridge
After you get on your bike, turn right at the starport entrance. South Pedestrian Bridge WP will be on the bridge, BUT you don't need to go on the bridge. Just ride alongside the right side of bridge to get the first leg.

Leg 2: South Pedestrian Bridge - Pedestrian Bridge Egress
Head straight over water to the next WP.

Leg 3: Pedestrian Bridge Egress - Hotel Lane
After you have passed the bridge, go between the right side of guild hall that's in front of you. Just head straight to the next WP and get ready to enter the next bridge.

Leg 4: Hotel Lane - Cloning Facility Byway
After the bridge, turn right to the next WP and another bridge.

Leg 5: Cloning Facility Byway - Medical Centre Circle
After another bridge, ride alongside the boardwalk that covers the river. Ride to the end of the curve where the WP is with... another bridge.

Leg 6: Medical Centre Circle - Guild Complex Terrace
After this bridge, you have to go halfway back the way you came but on the other side of the river. This time the WP comes with... another bridge.

Leg 7: Guild Complex Terrace - East Pedestrian Bridge<
After that bridge, take a left around the med center. But this time the WP is by a... bridge.

Leg 8: East Pedestrian Bridge - Riverside Causeway
Head straight to next WP. Watch the hill.

Leg 9: Riverside Causeway - North Pedestrian Bridge
Turn left and head to the next WP, by a $#*&#! bridge. You should be ready to jump off one by now.

Leg 10: North Pedestrian Bridge - Falls Overlook
Head straight to the next WP with, you guessed it, a bridge.

Leg 11: Falls Overlook - Finishing Line
Head over the water and take a left at the starport entrance to the Finish Line.

I would like to thank Almagill for his help on this one. Couldn't have done it without him.

Agrilat Swamp Circuit

Agrilat Swamp Circuit Map

Starting Location: Corellia 1680 4700

Track Info: This dangerous course was used for illegal races many years ago. Hot springs, deadly updrafts and sharp crystalline underbrush make it a particularly hazardous course. Until recently, there haven't been many races since the near-death of a swoop jockey named Dengar. If memory serves, it was a very exciting match between him and someone called Solo.
  • The whole area is very foggy, all the time.
  • There isn't much of a track here. There are bumps and hills everywhere.
  • An AV-21 will kill a swoop.

Inside Information:

There is no track! Nothing I could talk about.

Just fly from WP to WP. If your on a swoop, just try to dodge the rock formations and larger hills. The fog makes some of the formations pop up very close.

If you have a AV-21, the only thing you need to worry about are the rocks.

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