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Wheres Elleb

Where in the Galaxies© is Elleb of LQGaming?

Meet Elleb. He's a travelling man. He likes to explore the far reaches of the Galaxies©. Here's your chance to test your knowledge of the Star Wars Galaxies Universe. Periodically he'll go to a new location and you get to tell us where he is. Not just the planet, not just the town (if he's in one). We want you to be as specific as possible! What do you get for winning? Why the glory of being right! OK, OK, that's not enough. Well how about a nice shiny trophy to display for all to see!

Isn't it purty? Display it in your sig or anywhere you'd like. We'll engrave the winner's name right on the trophy. We'll also keep track of who wins each contest in a Special Gallery just for 'Where in the Galaxies is Elleb of LQGaming?'. Since people are having a hard time figuring these out, we'll now post a new one only once the previous location has been guessed. GOOD LUCK!

Location 6:
See if you can guess: Where in the Galaxies is Elleb of LQGaming!

Where in the Galaxies is Elleb?

Submit your answer to Where's Elleb with the subject 'Elleb 6'. Please include your character name and server with your answer.


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June 5, 2006