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Holocron of Hints

The Galaxies are filled with adventures and fraught with peril. Every young padawan needs a little help now and then. Using our Holocron of Hints, you the new adventurer can learn tips and tricks to help you find your way in a hectic Galaxy. Designed to help new players, the Holocron may occassionaly also contain valuable info for the seasoned jedi.

New hints are added weekly so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often to see what's new.

If you have any hints you'd like to see added to the Holocron simply submit them to Holocron of Hints with the subject 'Hints'. Include your Galaxy and Character name if you want that included as well.

Category Hint Contributed By
GUIClicking and holding on a target will display a radial menu of actions that you can perform on the target. You'll know that all the options have shown up once the menu stops animating. If a radial menu does not appear, try hitting the tilde ~ key when the target is selected.SWG LQGaming
GUIIt can get dark out there! Fortunately, every character is equipped with a personal light source. You can activate it by pressing Control + L (by default).In-Game Hint
GameplayWhen you're defeated in battle you are 'incapacitated' or 'incapped'. Get incapped enough times and you'll be slain. When your body is slain, you revert back to a previous clone, and you awaken in the nearest available cloning facility.SWG LQGaming
PvPSo you wanna join in the fight of the Galactic Civil War aye? Well, neither the Rebels nor the Imperials will take just anyone. First you need to get some Faction Points. You must collect 200 Faction Points to join a side, and you must maintain at least 200 Faction Points to remain a member.

To gain Faction Points, go on missions from faction-specific mission terminals. Where normal mission terminals give odd jobs to earn credits, faction-specific mission terminals give credits and Faction Points you can save to join the Empire or Rebellion and purchase perks.

Faction Mission Terminals can almost always be found near Factional Bases, Recruiters and in most Faction-controlled Cities or Player Cities.
Prima Guide
General TipWhat do you do if you want to 'tip' an AFK entertainer or send some money to another character that's not online? You can't send credits through the email system. No bank transfers either. It's pretty simple actually... simply type:

/tip bank

The money goes straight into their bank account. So if you wanted to send your friend "Gweedo" 20k credits this is what you'd type:

/tip Gweedo 20,000 bank

Of course, if your friend IS online, a simple trade will do. Either click their character and hit ~ or type /trade to bring up the trade window. Put the money in the window and hit accept. Fini.
SWG LQGaming
General Game TipSo you go to a new planet, adventure around, and then forget which Starport you left your ship in. What to do? What to do? To find your ship just go into your Datapad. Bring up the radial menu on your ship and click examine and it will show you your ship's status and location.Elleb
GameplayFinding resources, especially rare ones, can be hard. It's important to move around when you are surveying and looking for them. You may even need to try remote planets. . .In-Game Hint
GameplayYou cannot exit the game swiftly in dangerous areas. To exit swiftly in the wild, you need to be in a camp and to use the /logout command. If you use /quit, your character will remain in the world for a few minutes.In-Game Hint
GUIIn your radar screen when planetside you will see several icons of dots with circles around them as you move across the planet. These indicate an NPC, mob, or player in the vicinity. The color codes are as follows:
  • The circle represents the unit's level in comparison to yours. It is the same color you'll see on the unit's level when you target the unit.
  • The dot indicates aggro. Yellow for non-aggro, Red for aggro. White is for NPCs. Blue is for other players.
So if you see a red dot with a purple circle around it... RUN!
Mikkah Ne'kro
HUDTo take a screenshot planetside without seeing the HUD in your picture, simply hit ctrl-shift-h and it will go away. Hit Print Screen to take your picture then hit the keys again to bring the HUD back. Your images are stored in your Star Wars Galaxies folder.SWG LQGaming
GameplayThroughout the game you will receive or purchase deeds for vehicles. They will be in your inventory until you first use them, at which point you will find them in your datapad. This allows for easier access and frees up room in your inventory.SWG LQGaming
PvPIf you are low on numbers during PvP try creating a bottleneck on the enemy troops by placing your soldiers inside a building on both sides of the entrance. As the enemies enter you can gank them one by oneSWG LQGaming
CombatIf you're a Jedi and get snared or there is an AOE limiting your ability to close on your target, feel free to pull out a rifle and snipe those bastards.SWG LQGaming
PvPDuring PvP if your character doesn't have a snare, make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the enemy for a safer escape if the need arises.SWG LQGaming
Space CombatWhen you have sustained a lot of damage, or find yourself suddenly overwhelmed, make use of the Booster function by pressing the 'B' key on the standard keyboard setup. This will allow your craft to travel at a very high speed that will permit escape from a dangerous situation.Filk Azthar
ScriptsIf you're having trouble looting while in combat, try making a macro with the following code:

/loot; /macro loot;

Then have it running all the time you're in combat and it will automaticly loot any corpse you target. Don't forget to use /dump to kill any recursive macros like this when you no longer need them running.
SWG LQGaming
CombatIf you are getting mowed down in PvP too quickly try moving around from side to side to become harder to hit. With no target lock your opponent has to keep you dead in his sights to actually hit you.SWG LQGaming
GameplayIf you're having a hard time while fighting monsters in melee range, try snaring them and using a ranged weapon. SWG LQGaming
General PlayAlways try to group with at least one person while doing your quests. You can never predict how hard the quest will be.SWG LQGaming
NGEAnother way to help if you are having trouble shooting while moving; try to use the «walk» key. You will be moving slower and it will be easier to aim. Of course you will make a better target yourself, so be sure to take down your opponent quickly.SWG LQGaming
NGEIf you are having problems aiming, (especially when the mob runs around you!) try to lower the sensitivity settings of your mouse in options. It helps alot.SWG LQGaming
NGEIt's now much easier to earn credits by selling your 'vendor loot'. Many Junk Dealer in towns will now buy many of your unwanted items. At higher levels, Smugglers are able to sell to fences all over the Galaxies.Mikka Ne'kro
NGETo use your special attacks or items just press the toolbar button you assigned to them and then click on your second mouse button. You will see the icon appear in the small window to the right of your toolbar. (Some items, like vehicles, will automatically be called if you press the toolbar button without needing to use the mouse.SWG LQGaming
GUIGroups in Star Wars Galaxies can hold up to 20 people. If your group menu doesn't display everyone in the group, resize the menu to display more names by going into cursor mode and dragging the bottom edge of the group display.In-Game Screen Hint
GUIYou can instantly bring up a radial menu on your current target by pressing the tilde key ~. When a radial menu is up, you can select an option from it instantly by pressing the corresponding number.In-game Screen Hint
GUIIt's always wise to evaluate your opponent so you can gauge the liklihood of your being snack meat. To help you do that, SWG uses color coding. When targeting a mob, look for the little starburst icon above the mob's head then use this chart to help you consider (also called "conning" or "con") your chances:
  • Green: Well below your skill level and easy to defeat. The XP gained from defeating such a creature is minimal.
  • Blue: Slightly below your skill level. Blue targets put up a fight, but you will emerge victorious. Use caution when engaging multiple blue targets; they can get the better of you.
  • White: Equal to you in level. Defeating such a target is difficult, especially if you rely on auto-attack. Take advantage of posturing, your weapon's ideal range, and/or a few special moves to take a white con mob. The XP rewards are significant if you pull it off.
  • Yellow: Slightly above your skill level. Avoid such fights unless you have superior weaponry, incredible tactics, a supply of healing devices, or friends nearby.
  • Red: Hope you like the view from the ground. Red targets deal a deathblow on you, so you'll pay with your life. Take these on only with an experienced group.
SWG Quick Reference Guide
GameplayThere are three kinds of damage: normal damage (which heals naturally over time or by a medic), wounds (which require a medic or entertainer), and battle fatigue (which requires an entertainer in a venue like a cantina).In Game Screen Hint
GUIThe overhead city map (Control + M by default) shows you buildings and walls in the city you are in, as well as the names of important buildings. To zoom in and out on the map, scroll the mouse wheel while holding down the Control key.In Game Screen Hint
GUIHow many times did you look at the Radar Screen and were not sure what you were seeing? I have so I thought I'd explain a few things about it. The default radius is set to 64 meters but can be adjusted from 32m to 1024m. The dot in the middle is you! Pointers or arrowheads around the perimeter of the radar are things out of the radars radius but still with in the sensor range. The remaining items are listed here for you.
  • Blue Arrow or Triangle:: Waypoint
  • Blue Pointer or Dot:: Player Character
  • Central White Dot:: Your Character
  • Gray X:: Corpse
  • Orange Pointer or Arrow:: Mission Waypoint
  • Red Pointer or Dot:: Aggressive Opponent
  • White Arrow or Triangle : Assignment Waypoint
  • White Pointer or Dot: NPC's
  • White Pointer or Square: Interactive Objects (terminals, etc)
  • Yellow Pointer or Dot:: Non-Aggressive Opponent
  • Yellow Pointer or Square:: Lair
Prima Giude
ScriptsTired of running to a terminal to buy tickets for travel? Here's an easy command to let you purchase your ticket from anywhere around a Shuttleport or Starport:
/purchaseticket departureplanet City_portal destinationplanet City_portal

So if you wanted to go from Mos Eisley on Tatooine to Kaadra on Naboo you would type:
/purchaseticket tatooine Mos_Eisley_Starport naboo Kaadra_Starport -this would get you a round trip ticket
/purchaseticket tatooine Mos_Eisley_Starport naboo Kaadra_Starport single -this would get you a one-way ticket

The command is case-sensitive so be sure the planets are lowercase and cities and portals have the first letters capitalized.
SWG LQGaming
ScriptsFind your friend. If you're trying to meet up with a friend and can't seem to get your coordinates straight, simply type /wayp [character name]. So long as you are within about 150m of your friend, this will create a waypoint them. Very handy in cities where all those bothersome buildings get in your way.Anonymous Player
General TipHelpers - In any MMO you ask for help and can expect anything from useful guidance to blatant hostility. You just never know. With SWG, players have the ability to designate themselves as Helpers so that the new players know that they really care about helping you out. Always go to a Helper to get information and maybe even a little respect.SWG LQGaming
General TipDid you know that you can now repair your Disabled AV-21 or Jetpack as you could with your BARC Speeder? Just buy a Vehicle Repair Kit from an Artisan and you will be able to bring your vehicle back to life!SWG LQGaming
SpaceDid you know you could communicate with your space escorts? (At least in quests that came with the Rage of The Wookiees expansion). Just use the /comm command while you have them targeted and they will give you more information regarding your quest!SWG LQGaming
SpaceDid you know you could abort an Hyperspace Jump? Just use the /aborthyperspace command while the calculations are being done and it will be cancelled.

Be warned that after you abort a jump, you will have a small cool-down timer before you can try to make a jump to Hyperspace again.
SWG LQGaming
General TipDid you know you can burst run until your stomach's full? Go buy some Parwan Nutricake from a Chef near you, but make sure it has Burst run re-use timer at least at 90% or it won't do ya any good. SWG LQGaming
GUIDid you know there's an easy way to alternate between the 6 toolbar panes? Just press Ctrl+ F[number_of_pane]! If you want to go to the #3 pane just press Ctrl+F3. Or you can use Ctrl+F11 and Ctrl+F2 to go up and down in the listSWG LQGaming
GUIDid you know you could click on your «role» icon, right next to your health bar to change it? It will cycle through all the available «role» icons!

For those that don't know, the «role» icon tells your current group what your «role» is within a group. So, if you're a medic, you better have the medical role icon displaying so your group knows what you're doing!
SWG LQGaming
General TipZipping around on your Barc, Swoop, or Speeder can be bumpy to say the least. And your vehicle IS going to sustain some damage. So you're going to want to fix it up. Use your map to locate a 'garage' in most cities and as you approach it you will see the message "Entered the proximity of a vehicle garage". When you see that message, the radial menu for your bike will include a 'repair' option. It can get expensive, but it beats hoofing it everywhere!SWG LQGaming
General TipIf your character dies, you'll wish you'd insured your items at a cloning facility. Most uninsured items will decay by 5% when you clone.In-Game Screen Hint
GUIYou can use ! (an exclamation point) to repeat the last command you typed in. "!abc" will repeat the last command that started with "abc."In-Game Screen Hint
GUIWhen you want to whisper or otherwise interact with another player you only need to use their first name. This is great since some of those surnames are pretty hard to spell!SWG LQGaming
GUIEver try to find someone who wasn't in your line of sight? You can target another player simply by typing /tar name where 'name' is of course the player's character name (first name only). This will select the other player and make him/her much easier to locate. One drawback, you need to be within about 150m for it to work.SWG LQGaming
GUIYou can change the entire keymap quickly and easily to mimic the keymaps found in other games. In the Options menu, choose Controls, and use the pulldown located near the bottom of the window to select from one of the four default keymaps.In-Game Screen Hint
Space CombatWhen in combat, by hitting the '[' or ']' key you can cycle through the various components of your enemy's ship and target a system to disable. This is handy when in combat with multiple ships. For example, if you target one enemy's engines and disable it you are free to attack the other vessel while the first waits helplessly.SWG LQGaming

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