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Performance Tweaks

Performance Tweaks

This guide will help you to increase this game's performance (it may help a lot if you have a low-end system).

The first thing to do before proceeding to the tweaks is making sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, you can get your nVidia drivers here and your ATI drivers here.

Also, make sure you have at least 512Mb of RAM, if you have less RAM the game will load very slowly and even with a good graphics card you will probably suffer slow downs in the crowded areas. The recommended ammount of RAM is 1024Mb.

After getting the appropiate drives open up the SWG Launchpad (the thing that patches your game) and click on "Game Options" and choose the options that are chosen in the pictures below, they will guarantee you very good performance (but ugly graphics).

Launchpad picture #1


After you choose these options click the "Play" button and walk around Coronet or Theed (or whatever is the most crowded area in your Galaxy). If you still suffer from slowdowns go to the in-game Options Window and do the following (make sure your settings mimic these - the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma Correction options don't matter):

Ingame pic #1

Ingame pic #2

If after doing this you still experience slow-downs I recommend you to aquire a new Processor, Graphics Card or more RAM (depending on what you currently have - you can ask for advices in our Forums ).

If on the contraire the slow-downs disapear then you can start tweaking the options untill you find what suits your system the most (increasing some details, setting some options "on" or "off").

Here's an example of what can be done (what I currently use - I have an AMD Sempron 2800+, 1024Mb of RAM and a Geforce 4 ti-4200 with 128Mb RAM):

Launchpad picture #3

Launchpad picture #4

The pictures below were resized, click on them to get the full sized version.

Ingame picture #3

Ingame picture #4


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