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Pilot Commands

All Factions
/iffscramble IFF Transponder Scramble IFF=Identification Friend or Foe. Use the scramble command to fool your foe into thinking you're a friendly. Attacking them will turn them back into your enemy.
/throttle [percentage] Change Throttle Set's the throttle to the percentage (0.5 = 50%).
/aborthyperspace Aborts Hyperspace Jump Aborts Onoing Hyperspace Jump calculations.
/launchMissile Launches a Fake Missile Launches a Fake Missile that will confuse your enemies.

/eshields Emergency Shields Transfers some system power to shields for a faster regen rate. Reduces weapon power. Failure can cause temporary system shut down.
/inspacerepair In Space Repair Calls a freighter to come and repair your ship; for a cost. Can not be used while under attack or under thrust (must be at full-stop). Repairs using this method causes slight decay.
/jstart1-3 Jump Start: Levels 1-3 Use your ship's weapon capacitor to charge an ally's shields. Requires minimum 50% charge. Higher levels require your shield power as well.
/vrepair Ship System Emergency Repair Transfer operability from working systems to damaged systems. For emergency use as it can cause system overload and negatively impacts the contributing systems.
/vrepairother Other Ship System Emergency Repair Transfers operability from your working system to a targeted ally's damaged systems. Both ships must be at a full-stop.
/inspacerr Repair and Replenishment Combines In Space Repair and Underway Replenishment in one command.
/inspacereload Underway Replenishment Summons a ship to replenish your munitions and countermeasures, although not of top quaility.

/bstrike1-3 Bomber Strike: Levels 1-3 Calls in Imperial help against a selected target. Works on only the selected target and will not continue for subsequent targets. Higher success rates improve attack assets. Higher levels mean a larger force.
/eweapons Emergency Weapons Transfers some system power to weapons. Results in a reduction of recharge power requirements for a short time. Failure can cause temporary system shut down.
/pumpreactor Pump Reactor Overcharges your reactor for extra thrust and power. Failure could cause temporary system shut down.
/nblast Nebula Blast Use inside a nebula to trigger and area of effect explosion. Higher success level means less damage to yourself.

/ethrust Emergency Thrust Converts reactor power to engine speed. Since it reduces both weapons and shields it is best used for escaping enemies. Failure can cause reduced thrust over time and system damage.
/ptrap1-2 Pirate Trap: Levels 1 & 2 Sends out a false freighter distress call over pirate frequencies to lure in pirates. They will attack whatever you have targeted. If it fails they will attack you. How many come depends on your success rate. Level two lures in more lucrative ships.
/epulse1-3 Energe Pulse: Levels 1-3 Emits a power area of effect energy pulse that damages any enemy ships in the area. Completely drains your weapons capacitor. Failure can cause system damage. Success with level 2 is harder but applies more damage. Level 3 draws more power from shields but also affects friendlies in the area.

Droid Commands

All Factions
Mute Droid/Flight Computer Toggles droid's or flight computer's auditory responses for a little control over the chatter.

Shield Front Reinforcement - Light, Moderate, Heavy, Extreme Converts some rear shield power to reinforce front shields up to their max level.
Shield Rear Reinforcement - Light, Moderate, Heavy, Extreme Converts some front shield power to reinforce rear shields up to their max level.
Shield Front Adjust - Light, Moderate, Heavy, Extreme Increases max charge for the front shield by reducing max charge for the rear shield.
Shield Rear Adjust - Light, Moderate, Heavy, Extreme Increases max charge for the rear shield by reducing max charge for the frontshield.
Shield Normalization Resets shields to default settings.

Engine Overload: 1-4 Gives a speed boost but using more power and with less efficiency.
Engine Tuning: 1-4 Engine uses less power but reduces perfomance.
Engine Normalization Resets engine to default settings.
Weapon Overload: 1-4 Does more damage at the cost of more power.
Weapon Tuning: 1-4 Does less damage but saves power per shot.
Weapon Normalization Resets all weapons to default settings.

Reactor Overload: 1-4 Gets more power our of the reactor at the risk of random damage.
Weapon Stabilization Resets reactor to default settings.

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