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About SWG

What is Star Wars Galaxies?

Well, to be exact - Star Wars Galaxies is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG. What distinguishes this type of game from the others is that in a MMORPG there are normally thousands of other players in the same world at the same time, thousands of new people to meet and know.

This brings a whole new experience to a computer game, bringing it from the single-player "lone-hero" mentality to the multi-player "equal-opportunity" mentality. Here you will have to compete with the other players to be the best and it will be much harder than in a regular game. There's also no "end-game" (well, maybe in this specific game when you become a Jedi...), but there are always things to do in the game - it never ends!


Star Wars Galaxies is one of the most popular MMORPGs available due to the fact that it's a very famous movie license and this attracts thousands of Star Wars Fans. Also, it has a lot to offer when it comes to gameplay genres! You can be a crafter, totally ignoring the combat part of the game or you can be a pure fighter, killing for money and buying your gear from the crafters. The unique Player-ran economy of Star Wars Galaxies gives crafters the feel that they are actually important to the game and that they "make" the game they play. The playes that choose the combat path will get the sensation that what they are wearing was made specially for them by another player who also loves the game.


Besides the regular professions in this genre of games (Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Fencer, Pistoleer, etc) you also have available some uncommon skills to choose from - you can be a Dancer or a Musician that will entertain other players in cantinas, healing their battle fatigue and inspiring them for future battles. Try being a bounty Bounty Hunter and never give up untill your target is down or be a Chef and cook some delicious food for other players.

You can also be a pilot (Jump to Lightspeed or Rage of the Wookiees expansions is needed) and immerse into a whole new universe - the universe of space fighting, or maybe mining? Yes, you can either be a daredevil and have your adernaline always flowing while you have dogfights in your spaceship, or maybe mine some asteroids while you listen to some relaxing music and chat with your friends.

Besides all the this, you can also become a powerful Jedi and use your force powers to help others across the galaxy, or maybe kill them in many unthinkable ways if you choose the Dark Side of The Force, while hiding from the Bounty Hunters that the Empire has dispatched to kill all of the Jedi.

This is Star Wars Galaxies, and it will be much more when you get immersed in the game and meet new friends that will help you in your future adventures in the Star Wars universe.

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June 5, 2006