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Hermit Quest


Don't read this guide if you want to figure the quests out for yourself!



If you want to start these series of quests, you must first talk to the hermit located at 10 -218 on Tatooine, at the bottom of the Squill Cave.

The Squill Cave is a very dangerous place, there are a lot of MOBs with high resistances and HAM. Bring a friend, or go fully buffed anr armored if you dont want to burst run from room to room.


The Hermit


The hermit talks about how we live in some dark times with the Empire ruling the galaxy.


After he talks for a bit, you have tow responses, one makes you stand up for the Empire, the other makes you agrees with the old man.

If you support the Empire (not faction wise) he's done talking with you. If you agree with him, he talks about how the world is in need of heroes to bring light to this darkened time. He says that if your going to be a true hero you must bear the mark of intellect, courage, honor, and altruism. But, before you go out looking for these marks, he has a small quest for you:

Hermit's Quest


To finish this quest you must go to the deepest part of the cave and retrieve a squill's skull stuck in a lair (-140 -269).

Squill's Lair

After you hand over the squill skull (that is non-tradable/non-droppable) he gives you hints on where to find each one of these quests (Courage, Intellect, Altruism).

Hermit Wishes you well



Hermit's Altruism Hint

The hermit tells you about a farmer in the desert in need of a hero. The farmer is actually (a moisture farmer) that spawns randomly south of Mos Taike. He doesn't come up on the radar, but he does come up white on the over head map.

Spawn for the Farmer can be found at these coordinates (Tatooine):

2123 1291

2470 1394

2511 1357

2439 1294

3196 1272

3303 1107

2123 1291

2494 1714

2545 1741

2778 1507

5100 800

2168 1293

2488 1676

3640 -44

1839 966

2570 1164

2478 687

1003 1240

2560 1324

2437 1421

Moisture Farmer

This guy can be very hard to find. Once he spawns in the desert, he likes to walk around. After you find him walking around he tells you about how his wife and kid are being held for ransom by a group called "Sennex". You have the option of giving him the 10,000 for the ransom or go out and free them. If you give him the 10,000 for the ransom, he will thank you then despawn. No badge, no item.


If you ask for the location to where the farmer thinks they are being held (6522 -1350 Tatooine) you must go to the cave and free them. After talking to him, he takes a few steps then despawns. This cave is not a walk in the park (as hard as the squill cave). There are Sennex NPC that have up to 9k HAM that repsawn in a matter of seconds.
I would say that a fully buffed and armored TKM would do just fine.

Once at the cave, its your job to

A) Find explosives
B) Blow up wall holding wife and kid
C) Escort wife and kid to freedom.

The crate, wife, and kid will only spawn at the cave if you have talked to the farmer (and entered the second room of the cave).

Cave Map

The repsawn time at this cave is nuts. There is always something popping up after you think you killed it. Watch your back and move quickly. Leaving seems to be a lot harder then entering. Once at the exit of the cave (don't burst run out or the wife and kid will despawn) the wife will thank you and you will be rewarded with the Mark of Altruism Badge and item.

Note: If somehow your quest gets bugged in the cave for whatever reason (someone grabs your explosives, can't blow up rock wall, wife won't talk to you, ect) there is a very easy way to fix it. Have EVERY player (not NPC) leave the cave (even if you're not in the same group). This will work as long as you haven't talked with the farmer's wife and failed to get her out to safety (failed the mission). Once everyone is out, the rock wall, the crate, and the wife and kid should despawn if they are still there. The next time you enter the cave everything should repsawn again. Personally I think you should wait until there is no one in the cave to bug the quest on you.


Mark of Altruism



Hermit's Intellect Hint

The hermit tells you about a bounty hunter in need of help. In order to start this quest, you must first find the spawn. The bounty hunter spawns inside cities around Tatooine.


The spawn for the said bounty hunter can be found at (Tatooine):

58 -5373 Anchorhead

3483 -4644 Mos Eisley

-1364 -3641 Bestine

1544 3123 Mos Entha

3795 2388 Mos Taike

-2892 2200 Mos Espa

Bounty Hunter

Once you find the spawn, there will be a bounty hunter surrounded by five smugglers and a smuggler captain.

The bounty hunter tells you that one of these smugglers are his mark, but doesn't know what smuggler it is. Its your job to question them and find out who is the bounty hunters mark.


At this point, its a logic game. If you're up it to, try and figure it out. No? OK, here's the answer :)

(select the text to reveal)

When looking for the Bounty Hunter's mark, ask each smuggler "What do you know about the other smugglers?". The Bounty Hunter's mark will say one of the these three things "Don't trust XXX and XXX, both of them are lying." or "I overheard XXX and XXX talking earlier. They are both liars, don't trust either of them." or "I know that XXX and XXX are both liars. Don't listen to a word they say."

When ou answer correctly, you get the Mark of Intellect Badge and item.

Mark of Intellect




Hermit's Courage Hint

The hermit tells you about a beast terrorizing the world. This isn't that hard of a quest. All you need to do it find "a wild bladeback boar" spawn and kill it.

The spawn for the boar can be found at:

-861 4557

-159 5040

-1264 5379

-695 4506

16 4068

-533 4314

-1023 5214

-318 4477

-443 4970

-1183 4647

-575 4985

-1618 5272

-97 5025

-471 4715

-991 5887

-998 5240

-500 4600

-1131 6185


a wild bladeback boar

Once you find it, kill it. You will get a message that you spotted something "glittering" on the corpse. Loot the creature to receive the Mark of Courage Badge and item.

NOTE: Once you kill it, it will spawn 3 more times in that same location. So once you kill it, let someone else know where it spawned so they can get it also.

Mark of Courage



Hermit's Honor Hint

The hermit talks about trouble between pirates and ranchers. For this quest, you will need to find a pirate leader somewhere around Tatooine. This seems to to be the hardest spawn to find out of all the quests. When you find the spawn, there will be twp pirates and one pirate leader.

The pirates should have around 5k HAM and the leader should have about 11k HAM.


Pirate Leader


These guys aren't hard at all. If your a master in any combat profession, the two pirates should fall in a few hits. The leader is a little harder, but he doesn't last longer than the pirates. After you start attacking the leader, he'll turn white once 1/3 of his HAM is gone.

NOTE: This NPC is easy, he can only take 3k of damage. If you use KD and dizzy him, there is a chance of bugging the ques and when you try to talking to him, he may just despawn. Best bet is to just forget the KD/dizzy on this guy if you want to play it safe.

The spawn for the pirates can be found at (Tatooine):

4650 -3860

4091 -4310

4835 -4845

5946 -5233

6390 -5220

5966 -5224

5513 -5362

4467 -5192

5267 -4349

6377 -4623

5912 -5135

4704 -4399

4612 -3969

4614 -4978

6337 -5325

4373 -3956

5930 -5933

6144 -4800

The pirate leader will tell you that the only reason he is in the area is because a rancher has captured his buddies. He will ask you to stop by the ranch (5000 -4700 Tatooine) and see if you can free them.

Once you get there, the rancher's wife will tell you that she is having trouble watching these pirates that she trapped in her house. She will ask you if you could go downstairs and watch then while she takes a break for a few minutes.

Rancher's Wife

When you go downstairs, there's is an intercom you must use in order to talk to the pirates. They will say that they are being starved and the wife wont let them go. They will ask if you could distract the wife while they make an escape.


If you feel the "honorable" thing to do is to let the pirates go, no badge or item for you. If you feel that the pirates should be punished for what they've been doing - it's your lucky day, and you even get to see the pirates being dragged away for questioning!

Happy Ending

After you watch the pirates leave, you will receive the Mark of Honor Badge and item.

Mark of Honor





After you have completed the 4 quests, return to the hermit for your finished item!


Completed Item

Well, you're done with the quest now, just use your hard earned ring now :D


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