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The two warring groups in Star Wars GalaxiesT are the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

You can join either side in the conflict or even remain neutral if you so choose. However, joining a faction requires a bit of work: you can't simply declare yourself a Rebel or Imperial.

Before you can join either faction you must first prove yourself worthy of serving their cause by increasing your faction standing. Your faction standing with both the Rebels and Empire is listed on your Character Sheet (CTRL + C) . To increase your standing, you can perform either of the following:

  • Complete Rebel or Imperial Missions:
    Throughout the game, you'll discover special mission terminals that provide faction-specific missions. By completing a mission acquired from one of these terminals, you can increase your faction standing with the specified faction. Some NPCs in the game might also be able to provide faction-specific missions.
  • Buy them from a Smuggler
    Yea, that's right! Just head to a smuggler that sells faction points and you can buy your way in your favorite faction! But be warned - this can cost you a lot of money (depends on the smuggler).
  • Kill enemy ships in Space!
    If you are able to travel in space, just go to an Imperial or Rebel space station and declare your self in space. Then head to Kessel or Deep Space and kill some enemy ships (you can kill them in other zones of space, but these ones are the most crowded with ships...).
Joining a Faction:
Once you've earned enough faction points, you can visit a recruiter to actually join your desired faction. Rebel and Imperial recruiters are stationed (or hidden) in various cities throughout the galaxy. Conversing with the recruiter will provide you with an opportunity to declare your allegiance. However, you have three options when joining up:
  • On Leave
    You won't be able to participate in the Galactic Civil War in any way - you won't be able to attack either enemy NPCs or Players. But be aware: some special NPCs might reveal your secret identity and your status will turn into Combatent.
  • Combatent
    You are able to kill enemy NPCs and you will be awared faction points for that. But you won't be able to kill enemy Players.
  • Special Forces
    Being in the Special Forces means true and constant PvP. As a Special Forces member of a faction, you can attack any enemy NPCs, as well as Special Forces members of the opposing faction. Only overt players can place certain structures on battlefields.

Spending Faction Points:
Even after you join the Empire or Rebel Alliance, faction points remain extremely important. You can "spend" faction points for specific perks suchs as factional equipment (who never wanted to try on a Storm Trooper armor suit?), furniture for your house or Factional Bases.

Temporary Enemy Flags:
As Combatent or Special Forces member of a faction, you will often incur Temporary Enemy Flags (or TEFs). You can gain a TEF by attacking an NPC or by aiding a TEFed or Special Forces member of your faction (through healing, for example). While the TEF is active, the enemy NPCs will attack you on sight and you won't be able to enter any player placed structure (except for Factional Bases). While TEFed you might draw out too many attention, causing the enemy faction to send out a shuttle with their most feared troops after you.

Quitting a Faction:
If you decide you no longer want to be a Rebel or Imperial, you merely need to find a recruiter and converse with that NPC. You will be offered the choice to leave the faction. However, you can't join the opposing faction until you earn enough faction points.

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