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In Star Wars GalaxiesT: An Empire DividedT, and Jump to LightspeedT you will make many choices as you play. One of the very first choices you will make will be the species of your character. There are ten species for a player to pick from, each possessing advantages and disadvantages. There is a difference in the Star Wars universe between a "species" and a "race." The term "species" is used when discussing Star Wars sentient aliens. Therefore, Wookiees are a species, as are Trandoshans, Twi'leks, and Rodians. Within a species, however, there may be a great deal of variation; extreme "variants" are known as "races." Race won't affect attributes, skills, or other game mechanics.

Picking a species is an important choice in building your character, so review each species and see which appeals to you.

Bothans | Humans | Ithorians | Mon Calamari | Rodians

Sullustans | Trandoshans | Twi'leks | Wookiee | Zabrak

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June 5, 2006