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Mon Calamari

Mon Calamari

We have no choice, General Calrissian. Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude. -Admiral Ackbar, Return of the Jedi

Home Planet: Mon Calamari
Languages: Calamarian, Basic
Sociology: Cities
Avg Height: 1.5 to 1.7 meters

The Mon Calamari share the same homeworld as the Quarren. Many xenobiologists believe the Mon Calamari are descended from squid, but evolved a more humanoid appearance than the Quarren. The males have salmon-colored skin, lobed heads, and protruding eyes. The females are more streamlined, with olive-colored markings on their salmon skin. An amphibious species with fishlike faces and huge eyes, the Mon Calamari are among the galaxy's most peaceful and intelligent beings. They are a colorful species, with skin tones ranging the full spectrum of known hues. Many Mon Cal are also marked by vibrant spots or stripes. The Mon Calamari can survive underwater for long periods of time and are powerful swimmers. The Mon Cal are also psychologically attuned to their environment. When visiting wet, cool planets they become very energetic and cheerful; in contrast, they may be quite depressed and languid on hot, dry worlds.

Mon Calamari Society
The Mon Cal, as they are often called, are shore-dwellers, land creatures who prefer to to live near the water. Early Mon Cal civlizations fed on the creatures they found in the shallows, and developed an advanced aquaculture system. When they discovered the Quarren - the other intelligent race on Calamari, who live in the ocean deeps - the two races combined to create a symbiotic society in which both races flourished. Together, they built the huge floating cities that populated Calamari's oceans. Unlike the Quarren, the Mon Cal desired to travel to the stars, and began experimenting with space flight. Their first starships were quite successful, but their dreams of a peaceful life in space was cut short.

As with most other alien races, the Mon Cal were simply exploring the galaxy when they were discovered by the Empire. They were quickly put on Palpatine's list of races to subjugate. However, the Mon Cal were one of the few races that put up a fight in the face of certain doom. The normally-peaceful Mon Cal learned quickly from the tactics of the Imperial invaders, and were able to drive them off. This solidified the Mon Cal psyche, and they decided to join the Alliance and overthrow Palpatine's New Order. After serving the Alliance at the Battle of Endor, the Mon Cal have continued to be persecuted by the remnants of the Empire. Calamari was the first place the reborn Palpatine took his World Devastators, and was later attacked by Admiral Daala, in an attempt to show her superiority. The Mon Cal, along with Quarren and the New Republic, have driven back all attempt to take the planet.

The idealistic Mon Cal enjoy a progressive society that promotes the values of justice and peace. They are tireless explorers, but seek out other planets for knowledge rather than conquest. As individuals, they may seem soft-spoken, gentle, determined, and generous. They control their emotions well and have a nearly superhuman capacity for intense concentration. More impulsive species may view the Mon Cal as extremely stubborn. Mon Cal speak Basic and Mon Calamari.

Mon Calamari Council
This body of Old Republic loyalists was installed as the leaders of the planet Calamari, during the height of the Clone Wars. With the defeat of the Quarren Isolation League, the planet Calamari found itself without a centralized government. Tensions continued to seethe, so the Mon Calamari Council was formed to help restore order. Representatives from the Quarren and Mon Calamari races served on the Council, hoping to show the planet's inhabitants that there would be no favoritism in the decisions of the Council. During the early stages of the New Order, the Council approved a measure which opened up the planet to the rest of the galaxy. When the Empire tried to subjugate Calamari, the Council agreed to defend their homeworld with as much force as possible. This ultimately drove the Empire off Calamari, and the Council began considering whether or not to ally itself with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Initially, it was feared that the native Quarren would resent being allied with a predominantly human organization. Mon Calamari industry, however, began providing warships to the Alliance. In the wake of the Battle of Yavin, the Mon Calamari Council formally agreed to join the Alliance.

Throughout the galaxy, Mon Cal are probably best-known for their great scientific knowledge and mechanical aptitude. In particular, they are widely respected for their striking starships, each a unique fusion of art and engineering. But Mon Cal certainly aren't limited to intellectual pursuits; they can also apply their great intelligence to exploration, tactical combat, and even complete mastery of weapons.

Mon Calamari Defense Force
Formed in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, the Mon Calamari Defense Force was created to ensure homeworld security on the planet Calamari. Made up of equal numbers of Quarren and Mon Calamari, the Defense Force developed its own navy to help protect the planet from further Imperial aggression

Mon Calamari Knights
This band of Mon Calamari was known as the sworn protectors of their homeworld for many generations, a fact which rankled many Quarren. During the earliest history of their civilization, the Mon Calamari Knights were the primary force which kept the Quarren insurrectionists at bay, thereby maintaining the uneasy truce between the two races. As the civil strife between Quarren and Mon Calamari diminished, so did the necessity for the Mon Calamari Knights, which had become simply a cultural tradition by the time of the Battle of Naboo. However, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, the Mon Calamari Knights saw the possibility of war and began to train in earnest, fearing that the war might come to their world. These fears proved altogether too real when the Clone Wars broken out and the Quarren Isolation League sided with the Separatists. With the help of Jedi Master Kit Fisto, the Mon Calamari Knights managed to defeat the Quarren and restore peace to Calamari.

Mon Cal are the most intelligent of all the species, but they have penalties applied to many of their physical attributes.

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