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Welcome to our Articles Section where you will find Reviews, Opinions, and all kind of Articles about Star Wars Galaxies and Jump to Lightspeed.

Publish PlanBrenden "Magi" Gardner20 Feb 06
The FalloutTucksPa05 Jan 06
SOE's Faux PasTucksMa20 Dec 05
The NGE - A Necessary EvilBrenden "Magi" Gardner20 Dec 05
SWG LQGaming interviews... AurabornCarlos "Demio" Lage8 Dec. 05
Grieving (yeah, not "Griefing" :P) & Co.Carlos "Demio" Lage28-11-05
The Sky Is Not FallingBrenden "Magi" Gardner27-11-05
Galactic Civil War AlterationsBrenden "Magi" Gardner27-11-05
SWG LQGaming Interviews... NalaiCarlos "Demio" Lage27 Nov 05
The New Player ExperienceBrenden "Magi" Gardner19 Nov 05
The Re-LaunchBrenden "Magi" Gardner18 Nov 05
N.G.E. - A blessing or a curse?Carlos "Demio" Lage12 Nov 05
The PVP ExperimentBrenden "Magi" Gardner11 Nov 05
Double The AdventureBrenden "Magi" Gardner10 Nov 05
Jedi Population Take IIIBrenden "Magi" Gardner04 Nov 05
You Want Changes? We Got Changes!Brenden "Magi" Gardner03 Nov 05
Re-Addressing Jedi PopulationBrenden "Magi" Gardner29 Oct 05
What Next?Brenden "Magi" Gardner29 Oct 05
Enviromental DamageBrenden "Magi" Gardner22 Oct 05
Jedi Population Brenden "Magi" Gardner20 Oct 05
Movement and Snare ChangesBrenden "Magi" Gardner16 Oct 05
Associations - The Ideal GuildBrenden "Magi" Gardner14 Oct 05
A World without HuntersBrenden "Magi" Gardner08 Oct 05
PvP in Galaxies, in the GenreBrenden "Magi" Gardner07 Oct 05
Pre order Bonuses and MergersBrenden "Magi" Gardner03 Oct 05
Right To The Point Brenden "Magi" Gardner03 Oct 05
The Future is BetterBrenden "Magi" Gardner22 Sep 05
End Game PossibilitiesBrenden "Magi" Gardner17 Sep 05
The "Noob" ExperienceBrenden "Magi" Gardner17 Sep 05
The Future of the GalaxyBrenden "Magi" Gardner12 Sep 05
Buff me up, Scotty!Brenden "Magi" Gardner12 Sep 05
Revitalizing Player CitiesBrenden "Magi" Gardner05 Sep 05
More Expansion TalkBrenden "Magi" Gardner01Aug05
Measuring SuccessBrenden "Magi" Gardner26 Aug 05
Clarify Direction PleaseBrenden "Magi" Gardner25 Aug 05
Revitalizing SpaceBrenden "Magi" Gardner21 Aug 05
Experience Changes The Road Longer TravelledBrenden "Magi" Gardner19 Aug 05
On Bounty Hunters and JediBrenden "Magi" Gardner12 Aug 05
Oh What A Grind!TucksPa24 Jul 05
Star Wars Galaxies Pros & ConsTucksMa07 Jan 05

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