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LQGaming Network Announcement

Site Announcement

The LQGaming Network is very excited to be joining the Zam.com Network.

Zam.com will now be the one and only destination where you can get everything you need for your MMO game play. From news, information and guides to advanced databases, search tools and dedicated forums, we're bringing it all together in one powerful package.

Our move into the Zam.com Network means that we will have increased visibility and resources and be able to deliver even bigger and better tools and services to you, our dedicated members, and all MMO gamers worldwide.

You can learn more and discuss about this announcement here.

Star Trek Online News

Executive Producer Interview & New Galaxy-class interior sketches

 posted by: Guvien on Monday, March 20 @ 11:42 pm

Hailing Frequency has episode 15 of their Trek-Gaming related podcast up.

This episode, Darren Stinnett who's Executive Producer for Star Trek Online is interviewed.

In addition, Perpetual posted three new Galaxy-class interior artwork pieces in the official gallery.

2005's Year-end Updates/MMORPG.com Q&A

 posted by: Myeerah on Tuesday, January 10 @ 12:14 am

Star Trek Online offers us some year-end updates.

The team here at Perpetual has a veritable sleigh full of goodies for fans as we get ready for our holiday break! First, check out the Q&A with Daron Stinnett over at MMORPG.com. Then, stay tuned tomorrow, as Daron will talk about pre-production news in his blog, and Mike will let loose some juicy story details in his. Finally, we're pleased to show off another morsel of eye candy in the form of more concept art in our public gallery. Both the blogs and the new art are set to be available at www.startrekonline.com by midday tomorrow.

Happy holidays from all of us here on the Star Trek Online team!

Check out the MMORPG.com Q&A Session at the MMORPG.com STO site.

A Holiday Story

 posted by: Myeerah on Tuesday, January 10 @ 12:14 am

Star Trek Online released a Holiday Story.

Stardate 77021.1
In the twenty years since the infamous Shinzon Affair, the United Federation of Planets' vision of intergalactic harmony has edged tantalizingly close to becoming a reality.

Negotiations with the Romulan Star Empire, at an impasse for more than a generation, have recently accelerated due to a series of unexpected concessions on the part of the Romulans. Though many within the Federation suspect their old foes are up to something, most see the breakthrough as the result of the galaxy-renowned diplomatic skills of a certain 94-year-old Terran Ambassador.

The Klingon Empire, once the Federation's greatest foe, is now one of their staunchest allies. Though some (notably the recently-restored House of Duras) rail against the reduced role of the Empire in the affairs of the galaxy, most Klingons believe the Federation to be an honorable (if somewhat thin-blooded) partner. Nowhere is this attitude more prevalent than in the acolytes of Miral Paris, the alleged Klingon 'kuvah'magh,' who have chosen to join Starfleet in the young prophet's footsteps.

For more of the Story, check out the Holiday Story Dev Log.

Development Update 12-23-2005

 posted by: Myeerah on Tuesday, January 10 @ 12:14 am

Star Trek Online released a Development Update on December 23rd.

Here's a brief summary of the latest happenings within the STO development team:
The engineering and art teams have been working together to see how close we can get to photo-realistic, real time ship interior renders. They've started with the TNG era Galaxy class since it is so iconic and also happens to be the setting for at least one major hub. For this particular exercise, they modeling and rendering a hallway, turbolift, and the observation lounge and rendering it all in real-time with next-generation lighting & material effects. Their results are stunning. Once we've completed look development for our other two environment types (space & ground), we'll release some screenshots - figure sometime before summer...

For more information, check out the STO Dev Update.

Customer Survey Results

 posted by: Myeerah on Monday, December 5 @ 11:19 am

Star Trek Online has released the results from Customer Survey done my Nielson.

In September 2005 we contracted with Nielsen Media Research to conducted an extensive survey in order to learn more about our opportunity, characterize our target audience, and test specific design decisions. Using web-ads placed on sites oriented towards MMO and PC gamers, Nielsen selected over 600 active gamers who expressed interest in both Star Trek and MMOs. They then used additional filter questions sorted participants into three groups of about 200 each:

MMO gamers: Those who play MMOs frequently with various levels of Star Trek enthusiasm.
Star Trek enthusiasts: Those who expressed a high level of interest in Star Trek and had watched several series and many episodes.
Gamers: Those with at least a minimal interest in Star Trek and MMOs who don't fall into the MMO or Star Trek enthusiast categories.
The purpose of selecting people who fit into one of these three groups was to ensure that we were getting feedback from people who might be interested in Star Trek Online and to understand our opportunity within various target audiences. We also wanted to ensure that we were hearing from people beyond those that identify themselves as Star Trek enthusiasts since we assume their opinion is under represented within the existing Star Trek Online community forums.

We asked this sample of our potential audience over fifty questions that covered everything from general game playing habits to demographic data, with a focus on MMO preferences and feature guidance. Below I'll cover some of the highlights from the results.

To see the results and an explanation, check out the Results @ the Star Trek Online Site.

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