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Star Trek Online Developer Interviews

Star Trek Online Dev Interviews

GameSpot Talks STO with Glen Dahlgren
Want to know more about ranks? Or how Star Ship combat will work? Its all here and much much more.


STO Interview at PC Gamer
Is ship navigation and combat real-time? This question and others where asked by PC Gamer in an interview with lead designer Glen Dahlgren.


MMORPG.com Interview with Glen Dahlgren
This is another great interview with a lot of new info about the including current races and game play details.


Star Trek QnA with Lead Designer
GamerGod had the chance to sit down with Lead Designer Glen Dahlgren for a little 1 on 1 Q&A for Perpetual Entertainment's upcoming Star Trek Online. It was a very meaty interview with tons of new info about the game.


STO Central Talks to Mitch Ferguson
A very good interview with Mitch Ferguson over at Perpetual Ent.


Joe Keene talks to HomeLAN
Joe keene (co-founder of Perpetual Entertainment) sat down with HomeLAN to talk about the upcoming Star Trek Online mmo. Alot of good info and a must read for all new commers.


IGN Talks to Perpetual
IGN got a head start with the first STO dev interview. IGN sat down with Perpetual Entertainment CEO Joe Keene and President Chris McKibbin (two names to remember) to get a better view on where they are headed with STO.


Are we missing an interview? Let us know at STO@lqgaming.com.

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