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Australian Ratings(OFLC)

The Office of Film and Literature Classification
For films and computer games.

The look of the classification information that you see on computer game and film products (including videos and DVDs) and advertising material for them has changed. However their meaning has not.

Common classifications for computer games and films
Films and computer games are now classified G, PG, M or MA 15+. Films can also be classified R 18+ or X 18+. R 18+ and X 18+ are not classifications for computer games.

Each classification is now coloured. G is green, PG is yellow, M is blue, MA 15+ is red and R 18+ and X 18+ are both black.

General (G)
The content is very mild
Parental Guidance(PG)
Parental Guidance Recommended. The content is mild
Mature (M)
Recommended for Mature Audiences. The content is moderate in impact
Mature Adult(MA15+)
Not Suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. The content is strong.
Restricted 18+ (R18+)
Restricted to 18 and over. High level content
X-Rated 18+ (X18+)
Restricted to 18 and over. This classification applies to films that contain only sexually explicit content

As there are two types of classification - advisory (G, PG and M) and restricted (MA 15+, R 18+ and X 18+) - the restricted classifications now carry a "RESTRICTED" bar so that their legally restricted nature is more obvious.

As an added indication about the nature of the legal restriction, the restricted classifications also carry the age restriction (a number with a plus sign) as part of the classification markings.

This means that the only people that do not face these restrictions are people aged 15 and over (MA 15+) or 18 and over (R 18+ and X 18+). The legal restrictions apply to people under 15 (MA 15+) and people under 18 (R 18+ and X 18+).

Consumer advice
In most circumstances, when you see the classification, you will also see a white space next to it that contains some brief advice phrases, called consumer advice. This information is specific to the film or computer game that has been classified and is designed to further provide you with specific information about the content that will assist you in your choice. Examples of consumer advice may be mild violence, moderate sex scenes, strong violence, frequent coarse language etc.

More specific gaming related information on ratings

Rating: G
* Suitable for all ages.
* General, suitable for all persons under 15 years.
* Suitable for the youngest child and should not require parental supervision.

Rating: G(8+)
* Suitable for children 8 years and over.
* Suitable for persons under 15 years but may not be appropriate for younger children under 8 years who may have difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Material in this category would contain elements which might disturb or distress very young children.
* Elements warranting this category would include depictions of unrealistic or stylised violence even where considered mild.
* Mild horror or potentially frightening fantasy characters or situations.
* The mildest expletives, but only if infrequent.

Rating: M 15+
* Suitable for persons 15 years and over.
* This material would contain elements which might disturb, harm, or offend those under 15 years to the extent that it is recommended for use by those 15 years and over.
* Depictions of realistic violence of low intensity (eg: punches, kicks, blows to realistic animated characters or real-life images).
* Supernatural or horror scenarios, but not if graphic or impactful.
* Low level coarse language, but not if excessive.

Rating: MA 15+(The US equivalent of PG13, or M - Mature)
* Restricted to those 15 years and over.
* May not be sold, hired, or demonstrated to persons under 15 years.
* Depictions of realistic violence of medium intensity (eg: impactful punches, kicks, blows and blood-shed to realistic animated characters or real-life images).
* Graphic or impactful supernatural or horror scenarios.
* Strong sexual references.
* Use of frequent crude language, but not if excessive, unduly assaultative, or sexually explicit.
* Nudity, including genital detail, but only if there is a "bona fide" educational, medical, or community health purpose.

Refused Content

* Games or images which are Refused may not be sold, hired or offered for use in amusement arcades. Games or images which are unclassified at the time of sale, etc but would have been Refused had they been submitted for classification are subject to the same requirements. There are substantial penalties for trading in Refused material.
* Violence: depictions of realistic violence, even if not detailed, relished or cruel; extreme horror scenarios or special effects; unduly relished acts of extreme violence or cruelty.
* Sex: nudity including genitalia unless there is a bona fide purpose; simulated or explicit depictions of sexual acts between consenting adults; any depiction of sexual violence or sexual activity involving non-consent of any kind; depictions of child sexual abuse; bestiality; sexual acts accompanied by offensive fetishes, or exploitative incest fantasies. Use of sexually explicit language.
* Detailed instruction or encouragement in matters of crime or violence; the abuse of proscribed drugs; depictions which encourage the use of tobacco or alcohol, or which depict drug abuse. Depictions which are likely to endorse or promote ethnic, racial, or religious hatred.

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