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OGR RaveCast

Broadcast Information

The Ravecast a show dedicated to topics that gamers talk about, from gaming related topics to world news and crazy movies, songs, and gossip in between.

Check our forum for a few wierd news topics we found over the week. Post there or in chat about what you think. At the same time listen to us think. Then we'll have this great big "think" thing going on and you know what that means? No? Think!!! Yes that's right, you've got it! It will cause subspace thought-bubbles to rain down on our enemies and destroy them! I can't wait, I've got my enemy-list made up and everything.

Official Hosts: Leonai, Luxx, & Monte
Time: Fridays @ 6:30PM Pacific / 9:30PM EST
Email: Ask Questions or Make a Comment
Discuss while you listen: LQGaming Chatroom

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LQ Gaming Radio

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LQ Gaming Radio

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June 5, 2006