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Mission Statement

Online Gaming Radio
- Mission Statement -

Bringing Gamers back to Reality

At Online Gaming Radio (OGR) we realize that the people behind the games we all love are real people, just like we, the players, are. These people who we shroud in mystery behind the title of "Developer" (aka "Devs") simply have the right knowledge and know-how and were at the right place at the right time. These people work daily (and nightly) to bring us the hours of enjoyment and entertainment that we sometimes take for granted.

The OGR broadcasts are meant to be fun and informal - allowing the developers, community representatives, and other Gaming VIPs to relax and enjoy their time on the air. These, for the most part, are people with a real passion for what they do, and we want that to be expressed in their time on our shows. We encourage them to not just provide us with exclusive information or secrets, but their love for their work. Here at Online Gaming Radio we want to hear about what makes these people excited, not just squeeze them for details.

Professional-grade journalism isn't what we are here for, though we do strive to bring our listeners quality broadcasts. In our efforts to bring the personal side of the gaming world to our shows we have loosened the reigns on our staff a bit. We here at OGR are just as much gamers as our listeners so we can get excited and hyped about what we're doing. However, we do feel that a job worth doing is worth doing right. This is why we try to bring more than just enjoyable Online Radio to our listeners, but also provide rich media in the forms of articles, editorials, reviews, and more.

The Online Gaming Radio staff is dedicated to providing a well-rounded view of the Online Gaming World and having fun while doing it. We invite players and developers alike to join us each week as we move forward on this exciting journey.

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June 5, 2006