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Below is a list of the staff at Online Gaming Radio (OGR)
Founder and Manager of OGR, Ravecast Co-Host
Assistant Manager of OGR, Official OGR Visual Artist, and Ravecast Co-Host
Production Manager of OGR, Ravecast Co-Host & DJ
Head of Technical Operations, EQ2's-Day Host & DJ
Host of "The Fogey's Sunday Brunch"
EQ2's-Day Co-Host
Tucksma Tucksma
Host for our Lord of the Rings Online Show: To Middle-earth and Back Again
Cohost for our Lord of the Rings Online Show: To Middle-earth and Back Again
Psymon Psymon
Host of Psymon Uncensored
Host of The 10/10 Show
Part of "The Unknown Project" & Official pain in the Ravecast's rear end.
Mr X.Mr. X
Don't know who he is? Maybe it's you!

Special Mentions:
Jhereg Jhereg

Previous staff member, creator of drop, "You are listening to Online Gaming Radio... your parents would be proud".

Accalon Accalon

Previously our main transcript writer, and one of the most enthusiastic supporters of Online Gaming Radio's starting times. Currently, our "On the Road" podcaster, bringing live information from the source.


Previous transcript writer. Let me tell you, transcript writing is NOT easy, and she was crazy-fast about getting the transcripts done. Yay Kimry! We miss your goofiness!

Would you like to join the team?

We are currently looking for more staff members to host several talk shows as well as DJs for between shows.

We are looking for teams to host talkshows for the following games:

  • GuildWars
  • EverQuest Live
  • Matrix Online
  • Vanguard
  • Lineage 2
  • Others...

If you are interested in being a talkshow host, joining a team to run a show, or being a music DJ, please email Leonai or Monte

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June 5, 2006