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Matrix Online News

Update 44

 posted by: Retro on Wednesday, May 24 @ 4:03 pm

Well they have finally stopped releasing hot fixes for Update 43. Hope you enjoyed the concerts despite the long patches. Today marks a new era and hopefully a situation where we will be getting the story line on a lot more regular basis than recently. The new cinematics will all be in WMV as well as the old ones being converted. All new cinematics will also be in a animated "comic-noir" style with Paul Chadwick doing the artwork for Episode 5.1. Other Cinematics will be storyboarded by Paul and the artwork done by artists. There's a whole load of other stuff including changes to the hacker, spy and coder trees to fix style stacking exploits.

Featured Changes

The Matrix Online Story Continues in Episode 5.1!
The 5.1 Storyline missions and cinematic are now available in game.
The first 5.1 critical mission will be available as soon as the patch is live. The remaining four missions will roll out each following Thursday at 1:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (0800 hours GMT) (6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22).

Data Node Changes
The payoff for tapping a data node has quadrupled, and data nodes will no longer spawn so high that they are out of a top-level data miner's range.

Ability Tree Modification and Central Storage Increase
Spy, Coder, and Hacker combat styles are now fully separate Abilities. They will be added to your central storage if you have the Ability they were previously bound to at that level. The leveling and memory costs of these Abilities has been adjusted to the new scheme. All Write Code Ability codes are now capped at level 15. Because of this change, Central Storage space has been increased by 20.

Title Ability Upgrade Teleportation Fix
Active title-Ability upgrades now remain in place after teleporting from hardline to hardline.

Storyline-Related World Changes
* The Machines have taken the Morrell helipad from the General's commandos.
* Helicopter flights are less frequent. The General seems to be on the defensive.
* The anniversary event overlays have been removed. Nature flourishes in the parks once more!
* Operatives report unusual hostile activity in Ueno.

Click here for full patch notes.

Update 43 Hotifx and Free Trail

 posted by: Retro on Thursday, May 4 @ 3:57 pm

Finally after a slight delay to the changed time the concerts and free trail are here. We should have a direct link latter today and I will get that up for you in the mean take a look at the hot fix notes while the servers are down and maybe answer some noob questions in the forum.

Patch notes for Update 43 Hotfix (2), scheduled to release on Wednesday, May 3, 2006.

Featured Changes

FilePlanet Free Trial Begins!
The Matrix Online free trial is available from FilePlanet from May 3 through May 15, 2006. Make sure to check out Data Node One for the latest news and visit The Matrix Online forums for help and advice from our veteran players. Welcome to the real world, redpills!

Concert Date Changes
Battle of the Bands-A Piece of Blue Sky: Reloaded is now scheduled to run from May 9 through May 15, 2006.

Under Armour(r) Clothing on Clothing Vendors
Under Armour shirts are available for a limited time in The Matrix Online! Go to any clothing Vendor in game to purchase yours. There are six versions available for both male and female characters (total of twelve).

Once A Piece of Blue Sky: Reloaded is over, these items will no longer be available from Vendors.

Attack Spam Exploit Bug Fix
The bug that allowed players to immediately break another player's Evade Shield by spamming the attack command has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

* A bug with Heal Over Time effects that caused the full bonus amount to be applied each second has been fixed. (The bonus is now divided over the duration of the effect.) This impacts Emergency Repairs 1.0 and 2.0, and also Health Inhalers.

Well until next time and keep your homepage locked on to Matrix.LQGaming for all the latest MxO news.

New look for Data Node One!

 posted by: Guvien on Friday, April 21 @ 2:07 am

The official Matrix Online site, Data Node One has recieved a new look.

In addition to the new look the site now has a download link for anyone wanting to give the game a shot.

Update 43

 posted by: Retro on Tuesday, April 18 @ 7:33 pm

Another Update is on its way and should be up by the time you read this. Maybe the Dev's are finally listening to us as we finally have new content, the Matrix Online story continues in Episode 4.3 with a cinematic and missions.

Featured Changes

Episode 4.3 Begins!
Episode 4.3 cinematic and missions are now available.

Changes and Improvements

* Beta caps can now be traded.
* Adjusted font to improve readability between lowercase "l" and "i".
* Hooked up some new emotes that have been in limbo for a while: RussDance, KickDoor, Examine, DrinkBottle, PickUp, TakePill, PlugNose, Cough, RightOn, Sleep, and TipHat should all now work.
* The Master Shadow Ability now has a 30-second cooldown timer and the IS drain has been increased. (Fixes timer exploit.)

Bug Fixes

* Some female clothing that incorrectly gave upgrades to Thrown Damage now give it to Thrown Damage Resistance.
* Fixed a typo in Tyndall's text in the "Moving Target" Zion seduction mission.
* The looping Hyper Jump sound has been removed.
* Changing the team loot setting to Free for All from any other setting now works correctly.

Update 42 Hotfix

 posted by: Retro on Saturday, April 15 @ 10:14 pm

A hotfix for Update 42 has been implemented fixing some of the bugs that comes with all big patches. One of the most important is the fact that a number of the changes are so you can get your $info back on abilities you don't need becuase of CR2.0

Featured Changes

* Red Fragment drops will be significantly increased through April 25.
* Vendors now take into account the cost of leveling an Ability when buying it from players.
* In-game emails will no longer be automatically deleted from the system. (If you can't see all of yours, it's because you are a pack rat and never delete your old emails.)

Update 42 and CR2.0

 posted by: Retro on Sunday, April 2 @ 6:23 pm

Well, folks the wait is over CR2.0 is upon us and so begins a new era in MxO. As well, as giving us CR2.0 this update has a very special gift for us. The MxO 1st Anniversary Event 'A Piece of Blue Sky' with concert venues are popping all over Mega City in preparation while the sky seems to be being controlled by Sati.
Featured Changes

* Organisation Archivists in the Slums now sell a mission to earn an RSI Attribute (Stat) Hack.
* Clicking Withdraw now keeps attempting a Withdraw each combat round until successful or another Tactic is clicked.
* Withdrawing from Interlock is now a contested roll.
* Enhanced items that used to buff Stats now have different buffs (generally Ability Influences).
* Second hotbar has been added. (Note: Use Ctrl + # for hotkeys in the second hotbar.)
* Combat tactics are now in the Actions panel and can be used from the hotbar.
* Eight combat Styles have been added that give bonuses to using different types of Abilities.
* Melee Free Attacks can now be performed by selecting a combat Style in the Free Attack hotbar slot.
* Different weapon types now have different rates of fire.

You can find the full Update 42 notes here.

Happy Birthday MxO

 posted by: Retro on Thursday, March 23 @ 1:56 pm

Yes it's Happy Birthday MxO. A year and one day ago The Matrix Online opened its doors to the general paying gamers. Yes we have seen some turbulent times but overall its all been rather smashing and the game is nothing without us the fans who have a built up a great community spirit over the past year and few months of beta. Matrix. Gaming may have slowed since launch but rest assured soon enough we will be getting back to where we used to be. Now onto the official anniversary, the anniversary event now has a proper name "A little Piece of Blue Sky" all DN1 tells us is that we have to jack on March 31st to find out what its all about. Somehow I doubt it what we been hoping for but it's sure to be spectacular obviously not as good as the end of beta event which those who were there that long year ago will know was fantastic. Check Out the DN1 Anniversary Article.

Well until next time and remember to treat yourselves to a big slice of Merv Cake.

Update 42 Release Date Change

 posted by: Retro on Monday, March 20 @ 10:33 pm

The long awaited Update 42 has been pushed back further. The anouncement was made on Data Node One.
We have decided to push Update 42 out by one week, so our current target date is March 28. This gives us some additional internal and external testing time on Combat Revision 2.0 and the upcoming Anniversary Event. It took some soul-searching on the team's part to come to this conclusion, but we believe this is for the best.

They also have let us know that beta clothes will not be tradable with this update due to community complaints.

News Catch Up

 posted by: Retro on Tuesday, March 14 @ 6:55 pm

This a quick news catch as for a week or two no news has been posted on here for one reason or another anyway lets take a look at what's happened recently.

First off the playtest server received an update on the second of march. As you know the dev team are working on CR2.0, a couple of the best changes in this update are that Tutorial is now available and the Hotbar number now goes from blinking red to solid red when locked in for the next round. Many more important changes have taken place and you can read the full list here

The last Other Side Of The Looking glass announced that Update 42 will soon be available and will hopefully release CR2.0 onto the normal servers. Update 42 will also have the anniversary update which will be pushed back by a week to begin on Friday March the 31st. There's still time left to earn your beta hat announced in update 42 for being active on the play test server hurry though you have to get on there before March 21st. Read the full Other Side Of The Looking Glasshere

HCFrog also posted a Designer Journal on PvE Balancing for CR2.0 which provides interesting insight into how they come up with the numbers for your fights. Well that it's for now be sure to stick around for all the latest news on MxO.

PS. I promise it won't be a long wait next time and I will post it as soon as I see it.

Interview with Dan Myers

 posted by: Moriar on Monday, February 27 @ 6:16 pm

MMORPG.com has interviewed with Dan Myers, community manager of MXO. They ask about the progress of the game since Sony took over last year.

Dan Myers is the Community Relations Manager for the Matrix Online. This move tie-in MMORPG was aquired by Sony last year after a less than spectacular launch. Now that it has had some time to get its feet under it, we thought it good to catch up with the folks behind the game and see how it is coming along.

Click here to read the full interview!

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