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Non-Combat Play

The first one I'd like to describe is Writing Code. Now I'm not talking about actually writing code in C++ or anything like that. In the MxO, Writing Code is an activity that players can perform in the Matrix and it is analogous to crafting in other MMP games.

You see, everything in the Matrix is Code: weapons, clothing, and even abilities. So characters who can write code can, given the required resources and ability levels, create nearly any item or ability in the game.

Now, there is a lot more to Writing Code, but it's a pretty meaty topic and I want to describe another non-combat gameplay activity. Let's talk about Information.

Talking with the Wachowski brothers, it was clear that they didn't want players acquiring money during their missions. After all, what good is cash in a world where the rules don't apply to you?

Instead, they offered that Information is the only true currency in the Matrix. The Oracle offers it, The Merovingian covets it, and the Architect lords it over Neo like a scepter.

In the Matrix Online, we've adapted the notion of Information so that it can provide the liquidity for the player-run economy.

If you know where to look, you can "tap" into the data flow of the Matrix and gather Information to trade with other players. Locating and tapping data is not an easy task and requires its own set of abilities and tools to accomplish successfully. But the payoff can be enormous. If a fat data node is located and tapped, a veritable gusher of Information is made available to the enterprising player.

But the Matrix doesn't sit idly, and allow all of its lifeblood to be captured. It is an adaptable, self-correcting system and will reroute its data if it detects a snooper. In egregious situations, the Matrix will act to destroy the parasite. So don't say you weren't warned!


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June 5, 2006