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LQGaming Network Announcement

Site Announcement

The LQGaming Network is very excited to be joining the Zam.com Network.

Zam.com will now be the one and only destination where you can get everything you need for your MMO game play. From news, information and guides to advanced databases, search tools and dedicated forums, we're bringing it all together in one powerful package.

Our move into the Zam.com Network means that we will have increased visibility and resources and be able to deliver even bigger and better tools and services to you, our dedicated members, and all MMO gamers worldwide.

You can learn more and discuss about this announcement here.

My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!

Recent News


To Middle-earth and Back Again 02 Jun 06

   posted by: TucksMa on Friday, June 2 @ 2:01 pm

Join us tonight for To Middle-earth and Back Again, the Online Gaming Radio Show that highlights Lord of the Rings Online. It's the Hobbitcast as Strange as News from Bree. The One Show to Rule them All!

As always we'll be going over the updates for this week... and for the next 2 hours and 55 minutes we'll be discussing Magi's recent editorial on the Death Penalty. Head over to Designing the Lore to read it!

Friday 02 Jun 06
6pm - 9pm EST

Stay tuned in for The Ravecast!

The Ravecast a show dedicated to topics that gamers talk about, from gaming related topics to world news and crazy movies, songs, and gossip in between.

As always they have quite a bit to rant about so make sure to tune-in. Even better, you can be part of the show if you call them on Skype. They will give their call-in info both on the air and through the chatroom.

Show Time- 6:30pm - 9:30pm Pacific Time (-8 GMT)

Be sure to listen in! OGR is THE place to be on Friday evenings!


Designing the Lore - Death Penalty

   posted by: TucksMa on Thursday, June 1 @ 7:12 pm

This week in Designing the Lore, Magi goes over existing and previous 'death penalties' in MMOs and comes up with a pretty innovative idea himself for what might please the most people in LotRO.

Here's a snippet:
To start this discussion I want to remain in the realm of general MMO philosophy as I look at the casual and hardcore gamers. Simply defined, the casual gamer plays part-time - maybe a few hours a day at most - where the hardcore [gamer] can play up to six or eight hours a day. So what does playtime have anything to do with the death penalty? It doesn't have anything direct, but it often seems that casuals prefer a lenient and hardcore a harsh death penalty. But why?

Read Lenient versus Harsh Death - What Should Be Used? and give us your comments!


Around the Community

   posted by: TucksMa on Thursday, June 1 @ 12:56 pm

Hobbit updates not enough for ya? Well take a quick look at what's going on in the rest of the LotRO Community:

Over at the Arda Post Morthoron has been busy with The Dark Elf File as well as a Crafting Editorial.

Two new items at LotRO TenTonHammer with Shaylyn's Tea with Frodo Baggins and a Class Intro by Vastori on Burglars.

Not to be outdone is A Guardian at Weathertop and the same page will lead you to an interview with Floon from E3.

And finally, check out the World Cup 2006 LotRO Prediction Game at lotr-online.de. It's available in 11 languages!


Thursday Update: Hobbits!

   posted by: TucksMa on Thursday, June 1 @ 11:53 am

Today Turbine gives us the most unique race in LotRO:


From the most modest of beginnings, Hobbits are capable of the grandest of deeds. Their nimbleness and quick-thinking are well documented of course, but Hobbits are not to be underestimated. Hobbits, although small in size relative to the other races, are sturdy of body, determined in their actions, and good with bow or knife (when they have to be). Their small frame belies a toughness and spirit of a capable adventurer in the lands of Middle-earth.

Learn more about the Hobbit race in LotRO here.


Elves are here!

   posted by: TucksMa on Tuesday, May 30 @ 2:02 pm

We've been waiting for the Elf and here she is! Too bad it's a pic we've already seen. Check out the write-up on the official site of the Race of Elves.

Long ago, the Elves welcomed the "younger" races of Middle-earth and allied with them when the need was great, but centuries of war, betrayal, and hardship have made them fiercely protective of their seclusion. Now, as the Third Age draws to a close and the War of the Ring is at hand, the Elves are once again stirring from their forested realms and hidden valleys, allying with the Free Peoples of Middle-earth against the darkness which grows from both the North and East.


To Middle-earth and Back Again Podcast for 26 May 06

   posted by: TucksMa on Sunday, May 28 @ 7:28 pm

The podcast for this week's radio show is up and ready for you to download!

After a brief rebuttal to a recent perceived attack by a community leader, and a minor rant by cohost RivanLord on gold farming, we dove right into the highly anticipated Crafting Dev Diary by Nik Davidson. Professions and Vocations were the hot topic and speculation ran rampant! Given this is her favorite topic, ep of The Arda Post joined us once again.

Head on over to To Middle-earth and Back Again to download it now!

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