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Minstrel Winners

With a vast repertoire of tales both fair and foul, a Minstrel restores the morale of his fellows, as well as causing his enemies to despair.

This contest has concluded and here are the winning entries for your reading enjoyment.
ALL entries will be forwarded to a Turbine representative.

THANK YOU!! To everyone who entered.

Read The Winning Entries!

Entries were judged based on Originality, Poetic tone and timbre, and Whether it relates to a potential buff or debuff.
  • These top 4 winners will be recieving:
    • Deluxe 4-Disk Collectors Lord of the Rings Boxset
      Including 3 CDs and 1 DVD as well as a 48 page Book.
      The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring Complete Recordings.
      Music Composed, Orchestrated, and Conducted by Howard Shore.
By DWD Johnson

Pay heed to the chill of the Caradhras snows,
Behold, the root of Old Man Willow grows.
As the Brandywine's current flows back and away,
You feel as a troll at the dawn of the day.
Your hands feel weighted, your feet as of stone,
The whips of your masters have left you alone.

By Kelela Place

Hearken the Hobbits, out from the Shire!
Let not the day's hurts cause you to tire.
From under your hill rings laughter and song
Pipes smoke, mills churn, and gossip runs long.

Hearken the Elves, oldest of all!
Elbereth hears you sing from her hall.
The ages of splendor are not yet at end
The pain in the world can possibly mend.

Hearken the Dwarves, from mines underground!
Smell the rich earth, the anvils they sound.
Aulë the Smith watches you still
Your halls he protects; strengthen your will.

Hearken the Men, who shine in this Age!
Histories of Kings fill up this white page.
Eru's late children have come to their might
In days of the sun we sing of the light.

Hearken, my friends, to memories of home
Know ye this battle is not fought alone!
Remember your families, remember your friends
Remember that war is not how this ends.

By Collier Speak

Back to the darkness, far from me,
Where the orcs and goblins be,
Back to the caves of rock and fire
Back to the burning molten spire,
Flee behind darkness like a rat,
Flee from me or feel my wrath!
Back away, and back away,
Under sunlight, under day,
Back to the darkness, far from me,
Where the orcs and goblins be!

The Bard's Challenge

By Dubhiolar

Arise! beleaguered comrades all,
From battle's smoky reek,
And ken the lay that doth recall
The Eldar at their peak.

From mortal gloom and gloaming lift
Thy voices in the cry --
Of valor borne into the rift
With bloody banners high!

Sing songs of spite! With laughter taunt!
Meet fretting foes with jeers!
Into the breach fierce joy shall daunt
More so than swords or spears.

Forget thy wounds! forget thy woe!
And to the last man die --
'Tis onward to the rift we go
With bloody banners high!

  • These 10 runners-up will recieve:
    • LQGaming T-shirt

The shadow has come, from the land of Mordor
and their foul banners fly high.
Fear not! For the men of the West are nigh!
Harken, harken to the light,
stand, brave warriors, stand and Fight!

O Gondor! O strength of kings!
Our darkest hour calls
For in the gloom a shadow looms
With steel and fangs and claws

O Gondor! O 'Land of Stone'!
The time for war is nigh
By blessed wings and silver dreams
We bravely fight and die!

Often in the shadowy depths
Of Middle-earth, evil crept
Up from the ground and made a sound
Which trembled the teeth of those around

Whence suddenly a song so pure
That foes did shake with such a stir
Evil hearts did quake with fearful cry
At the sound of a minstrel's voice nearby

With fear coursing through their very veins
The frightened foes shall soon be slain
And laid to rest after their fight
Beaten back by the minstrel's might!


Long ago two Captains fought
With fey Prowess our Freedom wrought.
For Nùmenor a Sword so fair
Aside a white and chillèd Spear.
Elèndil from the Mighty West
Held Narsil, Sauron to contest.
Gil-Galad, last High-Elven King
Held Aeglos keen against the Ring.
Take courage now, all People Free!
The Light shall come and Darkness flee!
Recall old Strength, Honour the Loss
of Ancient Kings, thus sings Uilos.

O! The hay in the loft is soft and new!
Sweet and strong, the grass does smell
The clouds sail by in the sky that's blue!
The... morning's come the sun does tell,

Now watch! for the break of day!
Sing as the red-bird flutters by,
Stream bubbles down the way!
The lads will wake and smile wide,

Creeps the light up yonder pasture,
Flocks bleat to the tune of sun!
Sunshine is the dark night's fast-cure,
As all the shadows from it run!

Can you see the home-fires burning,
Smell the smells of breakfast begun!
I can't await the new-day, yearning,
But, my meal first I must have done!

Thrum! Thrum! The drums are humming,
Screams and cries of foes fast coming!
Arrows whiz beside your head
Whispers from the mighty dead
Fighting faster hearts beat heavy,
Slash and sling your sword in melee.
Is there hope in times of dread?
Burning is the sound of dead!
Dooming, glooming sound of dead!

by Amonereb

Harken, fellows, and ready your blades,
Our names to remember till the end of the days,
We hasten to battle, for the glory of old,
still runs in our blood from the stories we're told.

Be brave and be sturdy, regardless of foe,
Death we deliver and to the grave they shall go,
Our battle cry we raise, in terrible cry,
We are upon you, get ready to die!

They fled from burning Gondolin along the secret way,
But woe! Behind a Balrog came, its charge could not be stayed.
The Balrog charged along the cliff to maim to wound, to kill.
And then a voice cried, "Stay, foul beast!" and all that heard stood still.
There, on the cliff stood Glorfindel. He blocked the Balrog's way.
His sword shone like a white hot flame. His face was fair and fey.
The Balrog made no challenge now, But charged the Elfin Lord.
Its flaming blade fell fast and hard upon the Elf's bright sword.
There on the cliff they battled long. The sound, like thunder's crash.
Then sparks flew from the Elvin blade. T'was shattered in the clash.
The demon stooped upon his prey, and gloried in his kill,
But Glorfindel stood unafraid for stronger was his will.
He charged the shadow and the flame, his dirk drawn from his side,
And thrust it deep into his foe. Oh how the Balrog cried.
But as it fell, it held him tight. Both stumbled clutched, then fell.
But still the Elf shone like a star. As fair as he was fell.
And eagle swept down from on high, bore up great Elf Lord.
And e'en in death his face was fair. His hand still gripped his sword.
They buried him upon the cliff. They laid him where he fell.
And on his grave gold flowers grew, and ne'er did evil dwell.

*Manager's Pick*

Shadow's Bane

By Alexandra S.

The world has grown cold, paled by frost,
The shadow has come; hope is lost.
We ride now onward, toward our doom,
Toward the East, where shadows loom.

And now I must leave you behind,
Knowing that surely, I may find
The Enemy on ev'ry path,
But only shadows, they will pass.

Death waits for me on distant fields,
In rusted swords and broken shields,
In lands of shadows, all alone,
But always there are still paths home.

The Age seems ended, darkness come,
Shadows will rise 'ere comes the sun.
And though still darkness seems to reign,
Soon will come the brilliance of day.

The world has grown dark, gray, shadowed,
Peace had fled; hearts grown fallowed.
And though hope fades, waxes, and wanes,
Know that the Shadow will find its bane.

The Power of the Great Sea

By Ceradwen

Stand strong, my dear brethren.
You shall not falter against thy foes
For the power of the great sea,
I sing unto thee!

Hold your ground, my dear brethren.
Vast tides of strength doth flow.
This mighty aquatic force fills your swords and staves.
Let the wicked feel the fury of my ocean waves!

If one of these entries is yours and you'd like to have your name included, please PM TucksMa on the forums with the name you used on the entry form and the name you'd like displayed (if different ie: your nick). Titles for the pieces can be included as well.

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