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Armor/Weapon DB done

 posted by: Daniel W on 2005-11-04

Armor/Weapon DB should now be done, I may have missed something please mail us and tell me if that's the case. I would also like to know the SS/SPS usage on some of the weapons, I have a slight clue what it is but I want it to be correct.

Also added the user submited screenshots, thanks :) we wuld enjoy a lot more of thoes.

Updated Armor : Composite Armor - Dark Crystal Breastplate - Armor of Nightmare - Blue Wolf Leather Armor - Tunic of Doom - Shield of Nightmare

New Weapons : Artisan's Sword * Artisan's Sword - Artisan's Sword * Crimson Sword - Artisan's Sword * Elven Long Sword - Artisan's Sword * Elven Sword - Artisan's Sword * Knight's Sword - Artisan's Sword * Sword of Revolution - Bastard Sword * Artisan's Sword - Bastard Sword * Knight's Sword - Damascus * Damascus - Keshanberk * Damascus - Keshanberk * Keshanberk - Knight's Sword * Crimson Sword - Knight's Sword * Elven Long Sword - Knight's Sword * Elven Sword - Knight's Sword * Knight's Sword - Knight's Sword * Sword of Revolution - Saber * Artisan's Sword - Saber * Knight's Sword - Spinebone Sword * Artisan's Sword - Spinebone Sword * Knight's Sword

Updated Weapons : Sword of Valhalla - Great Axe - Saber*Saber - Saber*Bastard Sword - Saber*Spinebone Sword - Saber*Crimson Sword - Saber*Elven Sword - Saber*Sword of Revolution - Saber*Elven Long Sword - Bastard Sword*Bastard Sword - Bastard Sword*Spinebone Sword - Bastard Sword*Crimson Sword - Bastard Sword*Elven Sword - Bastard Sword*Sword of Revolution - Bastard Sword*Elven Long Sword - Spinebone Sword*Spinebone Sword - Spinebone Sword*Crimson Sword - Spinebone Sword*Elven Sword - Spinebone Sword*Sword of Revolution - Spinebone Sword*Elven Long Sword - Crimson Sword*Crimson Sword - Crimson Sword*Elven Sword - Crimson Sword*Sword of Revolution - Crimson Sword*Elven Long Sword - Elven Sword*Elven Sword - Elven Sword*Sword of Revolution - Elven Sword*Elven Long Sword - Sword of Revolution*Sword of Revolution - Sword of Revolution*Elven Long Sword - Elven Long Sword*Elven Long Sword - Stormbringer*Stormbringer - Stormbringer*Shamshir - Stormbringer*Katana - Stormbringer*Spirits Sword - Stormbringer*Raid Sword - Stormbringer*Caliburs - Stormbringer*Sword of Limit - Stormbringer*Sword of Delusion - Stormbringer*Sword of Nightmare - Stormbringer*Tsurugi - Stormbringer*Samurai Longsword - Shamshir*Shamshir - Shamshir*Katana - Shamshir*Spirits Sword - Shamshir*Raid Sword - Shamshir*Caliburs - Shamshir*Sword of Limit - Shamshir*Sword of Delusion - Shamshir*Sword of Nightmare - Shamshir*Tsurugi  ... ... [more]

Few corrections

 posted by: Daniel W on 2005-10-27

Made a few corrections + added the pictures users submitted, thanks :)

Updated Armor : Avadon Robe - Tallum Plate Armor

New Weapons : Elemental bow

Updated Weapons : Dragon Slayer - Soul Separator - Dragon Grinder - Homunkulus's Sword

All shields updated + new screenshots

 posted by: Daniel W on 2005-10-22

Fixed the shields in the DB, also added a few pictures users submitted.

Please continue submitt pictures and thanks in advance :)

Updated Armor : Leather Shield - Small Shield - Buckler - Round Shield - Tower Shield - Composite Shield - Doom Shield - Bone Shield - Bronze Shield - Aspis - Hoplon - Kite Shield - Square Shield - Eldarake - Knight Shield - Avadon Shield - Skeleton Buckler - Doom Plate Armor - Doom Gloves - Brigandine Shield - Plate Shield - Chain Shield - Dwarven Chain Shield - Boots of Doom - Zubei's Breastplate - Zubei's Gaiters

Fixed a few errors + Few pictures

 posted by: Daniel W on 2005-10-19

Got my first submissions today so corrected the errors that was reported, also got a few screenshots of armors/weapons.

Also a quick note on submissions. While we will go through and post all all submissions, it makes our job much easier if you send in cropped and cut JPG images. We will usually post these first as they are ready to go and we can get more of them in with each update. If you send in BMPs or non-cut images we will get to these, but they will be done when time permits.

It also would be preferable for us to receive screenshots of your in-game screenshtos of weapons/armor instead of images directly from the official Lineage 2 site. We can and will post the official images, but we will replace those with in-game pictures as they become available.

Updated Weapons : Keshanberk


 posted by: Daniel W on 2005-10-17

Welcome all to the opening of LQgaming Lineage 2 Database. I hope you all will enjoy the data which is here curently. The DB still needs a little bit more work, but I believe with all your help this will go very fast.
Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your stay

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June 5, 2006