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finalElf Interview

Lineage 2 LQGaming Interviews community member finalElf


: How long have you been playing Lineage 2?

finalElf : Since open beta (almost two years now).


: Do you remember what lured you into the game in the first place?

finalElf : I had a co-worker named Tom that always talked about Lineage 1. He spent hours telling me about "pking" someone and how good the player vs player system was in Lineage. He told me the release date of Lineage 2 so I decided to go out and buy a copy. Prior to Lineage I played nothing but Starcraft.


: Would you say that the game has changed much since the beginning?

finalElf : Yes it has. The PVP is different in two fundamental ways:

In the beginning going red on someone was a death sentence. You dropped items under 5 PKs and the lack of sin eaters meant thousands of karma per PK over ten or so. The addition of the sin eater and not dropping items under 5 PKs really added alot to the game. There is no longer a need for "perma reds" as you can go red on quite a few people and still work it off. It made the game more pvp and less pve oriented.

Second, NCsoft's subclass system eliminated the advantage that players had when they shared one account or played the game 18 hours per day every day. In C1 players like ggthnx on Bartz were almost twice as high level as the rest of the server's population. These players were god-like and untouchable. Since leveling has been made easier and the level cap for main class and sub class has been set to 75 (soon to be 78), the average semi-hardcore player has been able to compete with the super hardcore/shared accounts. This aspect has served to include players that do not have all day every day to play Lineage 2.

In addition to the PVP changes certain PVE aspects have been added to reduce the "grind". Monsters have a smarter AI that responds in sometimes unpredictable ways. Magic critical hits always keep a player on his or her toes. With the added AI has come added experience. It is now at least 4 times as easy to level up as it was in C1, allowing new players to get interested in the game without being overwhelmed.


: What changes do you believe made Lineage 2 a better game?

finalElf : The player vs player changes as well as the player vs environment changes have added alot to an already fun game.


: Is there history behind the name finalElf?

finalElf : I wanted a name that programmers could recognize. In the Java naming convention the first word of a variable starts with a lower case letter and each word after is uppercase (thisVarible). Final Fantasy has always been a favorite series of mine so I named myself finalElf as my first character was a dark elven fighter.


: How long have you been making videos in Lineage 2?

finalElf : I started making videos the same day that the first castle on any server was successfully taken. My very first video was of Blue Dragon's unsuccessful Oren castle siege. It used every effect Vegas Video had to offer and was a seizure inducing flash of colors with terrible resolution and bad timing. Since then I would like to think it has gotten better :)


: Which video would you consider to be your best work so far?

finalElf : Probably the Rebirth video. It was the first video I made after we started everRed back up and we had alot of public support from the Bartz community. The video was made from the perspective of my first character, finalElf, killing farmer parties in cruma. The song that a friend recommended was very emotional and powerful and went with the frustrations of most people at the time. It was also the first video that recorded ingame sounds as well as the first video to use the "glow" effect with multiple fading colors, giving it a dreamy quality.

The video can be viewed in the "videos" area of www.L2Orphus.com under the bartz pvp section.


: What are your thoughts on the video recording capabilities that NcSoft has added to the Lineage 2 Client?

finalElf : I believe the recording capability has added a wonderful new feature that will allow better videos to be made, as well as a fast and efficient way to show your friends gameplay. Lineage is, I believe, the first MMORPG to have a replay feature - a feature that used to be exclusive to first person shooters and strategy games such as Starcraft.

The lack of a damage log, chat log, and player names in the replays is something that would be nice to have, but I am sure NCsoft will one day upgrade the replays to include these features.


: Have you tried out C4 Chronicle on the Test server, and what are your thoughts about it?

finalElf : Amazing.

C4 is adding a wealth of new content that no other chronicle in the past has offered. The new areas are massive in scope and beautifully rendered. Players now have a huge range of options as to where to hunt and are not limited to only a few hunting spots for their current level. The hero system has given individual players that want to shine (literally) a chance to do so. The Olympiad competition will give players something else to look foreward to besides just sieges.


: As a fellow gamer, how hard is it to manage your time spent ingame without sacrificing other facets of life?

finalElf : It can be hard. Lineage 2 is an entire reality in itself with friends, enemies, people you love, people you hate, triumph, defeat, and sometimes sadness. What makes Lineage 2 so hard to tear yourself away from is the community of people that you play with.

As an example there was a friend named Mitch that I was in clan with. My microphone had been smashed to bits in a moment of rage and I could listen but not talk on our voice program ventrilo. Mitch somehow got my home address and one week later I got a knock on my door.

I answered and there was a UPS man standing on my doorstep with a box. He asked "are you Mr. Elf?". I stared at him stunned for a moment then replied "uhhh, yeah". I signed for the box "finalElf" which was odd because I have never written that long hand. The delivery guy said "have a good day Mr. Elf". Embarrassed I quickly closed the door and opened the package. Inside was a brand new high quality microphone and headset.

The people are what make this game as good as it is.


: Have you played other MMO's? What is it about Lineage 2 that keeps you coming back for more?

finalElf : I played World of Warcraft for awhile. The pvp was interesting in it's design but the graphic quality was, to say the least, disappointing. In Lineage when you get hit with a skill you can almost feel it. There is an explosion of color and noise that assaults your senses. In world of warcraft getting hit means a small yellow number appears above your head. It was almost like playing a card game but on my computer.

L2's wonderful graphics, continuous world, castle system, and most importantly: PVP system make it the best MMO out there in my opinion, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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June 5, 2006