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What is the pet system?

What is the Pet System?
In Lineage II, a player can obtain a monster that becomes their pet through the completion of quests. Unlike other summons or magic, as long as certain conditions are met, a pet will not be bound by time limitations, nor will it be dismissed by force. These pets can also hold items in their inventories while they are called, including weapons and armor that can be equipped by the pet.

Types of Pets
There are three types of NPC pets: Wolf (level 15), Hatchling (level 35), and Strider (Hatchling level 55).

Conditions for Obtaining a Pet
The level of a character must meet the quest requirements in order to begin the quest. Pet Manager Martin of Gludin teaches the player about wolf pets, and Pet Manager Cooper of Giran instructs the player on raising a hatchling.

Calling a Pet
In order to call a pet, a character should not have a monster that has already been summoned. A pet cannot be called during combat. They can be called using an item in the character's inventory that controls monsters.

- A pet will receive penalties independently of its master's level.
- If pet food is in the pet's inventory and its hunger gauge falls below 55%, it will automatically consume food to increase its hunger gauge.

Here are a few pieces of information regarding certain pets.

Pet Wolf , Pet Hatchling , Pet Strider , Pet Wyvern

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