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Manor Guide

Guide written by Choch

Seed Production

You must buy the seeds from the castle in order to sell them at the manor manager. As far as I know, all seeds cost 250a for a Castle Lord to buy. Then you set the seed sell price per seed for each seed type, which is the price the farmers will pay from the manor manager for that seed type. You also set the quantity of each seed type to be sold. In order for seed production to occur (to sell seeds to farmers via the manor manager NPC) you must have enough adena in the castle vault to purchase all of the seeds you want to produce. If you do not sell the seeds at the end of the day (noon PST), those seeds are gone and you do not regain the adena you spent producing them.

Harvested Crop Buyback

You set the price you want to pay to purchase the harvested crop, as well as the quantity of each of each harvested crop type. In order for seeds to be produced or to buyback harvested crops, you MUST have enough adena in your vault to cover the TOTAL amount buyback for all of your harvested crop settings. This adena is deducted at noon PST at the start of the crop-day. If you do NOT use all of that adena (you didn't buy back the amount of crops you set to buyback) then whatever funds are leftover go back into the castle vault. You do not lose that money.

You set the reward level to either I) Constant but good or II) Risky but High. (See explanation below under Farmer section)

Crop Maturation

Crops take a day to mature. Once people sell crops back to the manor manager, the next crop day, the mature crops will appear in your clan warehouse. Take the mature crops to the castle blacksmith and make whatever items you want. In addition to using the crops, there is of course, a blacksmith fee in adena that varies depending on the item you are making.

And remember, if you do not have enough adena in your vault to cover EVERYTHING (all seed purchases and crop buyback), then NOTHING will be produced or bought.

Seed Purchase

Seed sales reset everyday at noon PST. Once the seeds are sold out, they will not restock until the next day. The Castle Lord can choose to stop selling or increase the amount of seeds produced on any given day. Seeds have a level range (10 levels). For 100% crop harvesting rate, you, the seed and the mob you are harvesting must all be within that range. Otherwise, your plantation and harvest can fail.


To farm you simply target a mob and click on the seed you want to plant. It will say either "planting failed" (or something like that) or "planting succeeded." You CAN replant the same mob if you failed the first time (although there is no timer on the seed icon). Once you kill the mob, simply click on the harvest and it will say either "harvest failed" or "earned [Crop Type]." Seeds MUST be used in the areas in which you bought them (ie giran seeds can only be planted in giran area mobs). However, the crops you harvest may be sold to ANY manor manager providing that castle's Lord set the NPC to purchase that crop type (You can farm sea codrans in oren and sell them to the manor npc in heine, providing the heine lord set the NPC to purchase sea codrans).

The Catch

Planted mobs only drop adena, they do not drop anything else.

The Payoff

The payoff depends on your castle lord. First of all, you do not get ANY adena when turning in crops to the manor manager. Instead you get raw materials of worth equivalent to the buyback price the castle lord set and the type of reward. The type of raw materials for each reward level (type I or type II) vary by seed type as well (one seed may give coal/silver/hemp at type I while another may give coal/suede/animal bones).


Type I is constant but good. Typically under this level you will coal, braided hemp, silver, etc. in a quantity of whatever price the castle lord set. So if the reward was 1000a per crop, you would get the shop-price equivalent of coal, braided hemp, silver, etc (probably around 5-10 of each).

Type II is risky but high. Typically under this level you will get almost all stem/thread with a chance of mold glue. It seems like a pretty low chance to me so far, but that's why its risky but high payoff.

As a farmer, it may be important to remember that the castle lord may NOT be buying back the seed types in the same quantity everyday. S/He can change it daily. So if you want to be sure to get your seeds turned in, do it before noon PST. There is also a maximum amount the lords can set to produce and buyback, so don't expect to be able to farm 10k seeds in a week and sell them all back at once. You HAVE to sell them back over several days.

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